You Write the Caption

The new You Write the Caption winner: 03.06.17


“So far, my presidency has no rhyme or Reagan.”

Peter McCormack, Cornelius

“Ronnie, I shrunk the Constitution.”

Scott Tredwell, Advance, N.C.

“Let’s win one for the Lipper.”

John Rudasill, Cherryville

Thanks for all your entries. Here are a few more from this week that caught our eye:

“How can you be a great communicator if you’ve never Tweeted?”

“Wee, the People.”

“The GOP is moving from Reaganomics to Trumphistrionics.”

The Gipper meets the Groper.

“Believe me, I’m yuuuge!”

“Great Communicator, Fake Communicator, what difference does it make?”

“Ronald, Donald, what difference could it make?”

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