You Write the Caption

The new winner: April 14, 2017


“But, believe me, this IS an Easter egg. That I can tell you.”

Loyd Dillon, Charlotte

“They’ll never see this coming!”

Richard Randall, Cherryville

“Happy Easter, Bannon!”

Jeanie Dragoo, Charlotte

Here are a few more entries from this week that caught our eye:

“Believe me, I’m a man for all seasons.”

“Fake news!”

“You’re an egg because I SAY you’re an egg!”

“No bunny knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

“Somebody’s fired.”

“I’m changing things up a bit.”

“We deconstructing Easter.”

“No bunny knows Easter better than me.”

“It’s from my basket of deplorables.”

“I have the best generals.”

“Umm, I’ll let Sean Spicer explain it.”

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