You Write the Caption

The new winner: 03.20.15

The Winner: Suzanne Estro of Charlotte

“Where’s the ‘off’ button?”


“Law suits sold sepearately.”

Kurt Gubitz, Chicago

“E-mails not included.”

Patrick Sweeney, Charlotte

“It came with a Bill doll, but now he and the Barbies are missing.”

Bill McGloughlin, Charlotte

Thank you for all your entries. Here’s a selection of some of the other better lines we received this week:

“It doesn’t talk, it runs.”

“Server sold separately.”

“She talks but has no memory.”

“She talks, but never answers your question.”

“She’s not running yet.”

“She talks but never tells the truth.”

“I didn’t want to buy it, but everyone said it was inevitable.”

“When she talks her nose grows.”

“It comes with baggage.”

“It’s a chew toy.”

“Don’t push the wrong button.”

“She talks, but what difference does it make?”

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