You Write the Caption

The new winner: 04.24.15

Each Monday Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers publishes a cartoon that needs a caption and invites readers to write one.

The Winner: Phil Clutts of Harrisburg

“How do you assess the political landscape?”


“What makes you an alienated voter?”

Also by Phil Clutts

“Green Party?”

Steven A. Meckler, Charlotte

“Do you think there’s intelligent life on earth?”

From many readers

Thank you for all your entries. Here’s a few more of some of the better lines we received this week:

“We’re not getting the answers we wanted back on earth.”

“Will the president’s executive actions result in more illegal aliens?”

“Have you been affected by global warming?

“Why do you feel Sen. Ted Cruz is so popular here?

“The polls have you gaining on Chris Christie.”

“Democrat, Republican, or Martian? Or is that redundant?”

“Do you prefer Washington or Roswell?”

“You’re the first unbiased person I’ve found.”

“Who do you see in 2016?”

“What incentives would you need to swap your antennae for cable?”

Feel free to join a discussion about the winner, add more captions of your own, or let us know your favorites by clicking the 'Comments' tab above (using your Facebook account). Please join us again Monday, April 27, for a new cartoon caption challenge. Kevin Siers