You Write the Caption

The new winner: 05.15.15

Each Monday Observer editorial cartoonist Kevin Siers publishes a cartoon that needs a caption and invites readers to write one.

The Winner: Ross Levin of Charlotte

“Seven years on the job and he’s still green.”


“Look what Obamacare did for him.”

Al Vaughn, Fort Mill

“Putin still looks tougher.”

Rob Christensen, Charlotte

“Well, at least he’s not a black President.”

Mike Scammell, Lake Wylie

Thank you for all your entries. Here’s a few more of some of the better lines we received this week:

“I can see why anger and frustration turn people into monsters.”

“Meet our new partner, ‘The Incapable Hulk.’”

“It’s not easy being green.”

“Democrats, dissemble!”

“Ready to be attacked by 19 Republican presidential candidates.”

“He’ll never be Captain America.”

“He’s too full of himself.”

Feel free to join a discussion about the winner, add more captions of your own, or let us know your favorites by clicking the 'Comments' tab above (using your Facebook account). Please join us again Monday, May 18, for a new cartoon caption challenge. Kevin Siers