You Write the Caption

The new winner: 09.18.15


“L,B, G and T, oh my!”

Richard Randall, Cherryville

“I will never get over the rainbow!”

Ross Levin, Charlotte

“Well, some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?”

From several readers

Here are a few more entries from this week that caught our eye:

“There’s no place like homophobia.”

“He’s the only one that truly gets me.”

“Some of my best friends are hay.”

“If I only had a brain.” Lots and lots of this one

“The Supreme Court can stuff it.”

“I could rule just like the mullahs, good God-fearing fellas, free to discriminate. Make ‘em follow God’s law, or they’ll have to face a fatwa, if we only could marry church and state.”

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