You Write the Caption

The New Year’s Day caption winner: 01.01.16


“I’ll take their bazookas, their Uzis and guns, and limit their NRA lobbying funds.”

Phil Douglas, Indian Trail

“It came without warning. It came without bows. Hillary Clinton is winning the polls.”

Mason Lord, Concord

“You can keep your vet.”

Kurt Gubitz, Chicago

Thanks for all your entries. Here are a few more from this week that caught our eye:

“When the country wakes up, we’ll hear boohoo.”

“We’ll blame it on Bush.”

“Just look at the candidates, Max. Can’t you see, in no time they’ll be wanting four more years of me!”

“Christmas is a thing I can not condone, but luckily, I have a pen and a phone!”

“I’m always ruining Congress’ Christmas!”

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