Charlotte’s got a lot - of rudeness? We dig a little deeper

By the Observer editorial board

Does this city look rude to you?
Does this city look rude to you? Observer file photo

Full disclosure: Members of this editorial board have lived a lot of places across the United States, but our homes – and our hearts – are in Charlotte.

So we were a bit surprised to see Charlotte listed as among the Top 15 rudest cities in the United States by the editors of Travel + Leisure magazine, as the (Raleigh) News & Observer reported this week.

It’s not that we think Charlotte has no flaws. Top 15 in paving over our history? We’re with you there. But rudeness? Bless your heart, no.

Some people apparently disagree, however, although Travel + Leisure’s editors didn’t explain why or how Charlotte made the list. (Charlotte also made T+L’s list of “Least Attractive Cities,” which if you ask us is kind of rude in itself.)

No matter. We did some research of our own, and there a few reasons you shouldn’t be too bummed about this, Charlotte.

First, this looks like Charlotte’s first appearance on a rudest city list. We haven’t made friendliest city lists, either, but still.

Also, several of the cities that joined Charlotte on T+L’s list, including Dallas, Boston, New York and San Francisco, aren’t such bad company to be in.

Finally, the rudest cities list came from a survey that ended in 2016. The list was announced last July. Let’s face it, that wasn’t such a great year for the CLT.

Why did the Raleigh newspaper decide to re-publish it now? We’re guessing it was an honest mistake. To think otherwise, well, that would be rude.