What’s obvious about litter bikes, Rae Carruth and where a new Charlotte stadium should go

The bikes littering Charlotte’s streets and sidewalks have to go.
The bikes littering Charlotte’s streets and sidewalks have to go.

It seems readily apparent that:

There is no more need for NFL officials to review catches. Those TV announcers up in the booth are the real experts.

If we have to build a new stadium, it should go out by the speedway in Concord where the roads and parking lots are already in place.

Despite the health regulation, the simple decent thing to do after visiting the bathroom and before you return to work is to wash your hands.

Even people who favor repurposing old uptown buildings or saving their facades are having a hard time finding much love for Trade Street’s plain-jane Polk Building.

These litterbug bikes have got to go.

It’s time to change the name to the University of Charlotte. Both the city and the institution are grown-ups now.


Al Capone got less punishment than Wells Fargo.

When a TV reporter at the scene of some police thing says, “We’ll update you when we know more,” you can accurately shout at the screen, “No you won’t!”

The smallest of minorities among us are the people who know how to parallel park.

Neither party is capable of attacking the national debt.

When Hollywood producers listed the many advantages of filming in North Carolina, they were really only interested in one: the big incentives the state was giving them to visit here. Now they’re singing the praises of other sucker states.

No, the Hornets are not going to get in the playoffs. Stop acting like they have a chance. Let some other patsy teams get devoured in the early rounds.

“Running of the Bulldogs” is the most amusing GEICO commercial yet. And there have been many.

Those in a froth over the Russians messing with social media to influence the U.S. election seem to forget the CIA adventures abroad involving coups and assassinations.

There’s no harm in assembling a bid to host the Republican National Convention. Say what you will about the GOP, but they’re not going to stick Duke Energy with their overdue bills.

People are far more willing to accept a nickel hike in the fuels tax than they are to get gouged for decades for access to toll lanes.

It’s interesting that Billy Graham’s funeral attracted more celebrities than the NBA All-Star game can be expected to deliver.

Virtually nothing Rae Carruth could say about his son would be appropriate.