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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to Keith Larson “Take a long look at this photo, Gov. McCrory” (Feb. 11 Opinion):

Bill was gutted before McCrory got it

It is indeed horrible that legislation designed to help ends up only giving false hopes.

But the problem is not that Gov. Pat McCrory signed the bill into law. It is what the state representatives did to the legislation before it got to his desk.

Find out which representatives helped gut the legislation and why. Expose the representatives responsible.

Wendelle Gray


In response to Our View “Put some teeth in ethics policy” (Feb. 11 Editorial):

City Council must draw a line in the sand on gifts of any kind

Here’s a thought: How about no political gifts at all?

As a former state government manager in another state, I found that one small gift can lead to larger gifts, and can lead to compromise.

Leslie Nichols


In response to “Islamic State captive is dead” (Feb. 11):

U.S. must be more like Jordan in its response to terrorists

I’m so sick and tired of the constant “intellectual” response of U.S. leaders to the atrocities by terrorists and the killing of American citizens.

A real response was initiated by Jordan’s leader, King Abdullah II. He reacted to the burning alive of his pilot by going back home and immediately sending his air force to bomb the hell out of ISIS.

That’s real leadership with an appropriate response.

Herb Meyer


In response to “Iran FM: Now’s the time for nuclear deal” (Feb. 9):

U.S. aim should be to stop Iran on nuclear once and for all

After two nuclear deadline extensions, Iran wants yet another. What they really want is an accord that will give them sufficient time to produce enough material for a nuclear weapon.

What we – and the rest of the world – get in return, is the lifting of all sanctions.

That’s not a deal, that’s a subterfuge by Iran, which gets all the time it needs to continue on its unencumbered path to producing a nuclear weapon.

Iran is hanging tough on what it wants in terms of an accord. Let’s meet that toughness with our own unwavering position of: Stop doing anything nuclear NOW!

Harvey Cohen


In response to “Carolinas HealthCare top earners in 2014” (Feb. 5):

CHS execs should focus on issues that plague industry

As a self-employed, long-term resident with above average income, I am blessed with a very healthy family of four.

Health insurance cost has grown to be our family’s largest monthly expense – by far.

We pay more for health insurance than groceries, mortgage, clothing, or the cost of three automobiles, including car insurance for two teenage drivers.

I find it interesting that Carolinas HealthCare System board chair Edward Brown says the higher executive compensation is necessary to attract talented leaders. Who is he kidding?

These executives should be ashamed. Get your heads out of the clouds, your hands out of everyone’s pockets, and focus on fixing problems that plague the industry.

Mark Hillman


In response to Cal Thomas “One nation, many hyphenations” (Feb. 6 Viewpoint):

Cal Thomas’ column deserves a spot in National Archive

Thanks, Cal Thomas. A wonderful article by a nationally respected columnist that was well articulated and ought to someday be in the National Archives.

I only hope that the national, state and local leadership sees it and puts heart and soul into making its contents a reality in our somewhat lost, but much loved nation.

F. Anderson Sherrill Jr.


In response to “Recalling a lifetime of excellence” (Feb. 9):

Kudos to Ron Green Sr. for moving tribute to Dean Smith

While perusing the tributes to Coach Dean Smith, I saw Ron Green Sr.’s name and was led to his words like an old pastor to the Bible he received at confirmation. Ron’s writing is a religion all its own.

Frank Deal