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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Slain students mourned” (Feb. 12):

Double-standard exists for Muslims

This attack has revealed an unfortunate double standard within the mainstream media.

When a Muslim perpetrates violence, the foremost aspect of the incident brought to light is the religion of the perpetrator, and every news channel reports on it repeatedly.

The moment a vocal anti-theist like Craig Hicks commits such an act, the perpetrator is given the protection of doubt, often dubbed mentally unstable, and is treated differently.

This horrible act deserves the media’s respect, not double standards.

Rizwan Dard


In response to “Charlotte is largest city with no lobbying disclosure” (Feb. 10):

Keep talking like that about ethics and you won’t be mayor

City Council member David Howard says he wants to tighten the City’s ethics policy.

However, his mocking response to the idea of lobbyist disclosure is disappointing: “We could (make disclosure lists) forever.”

It makes this voter less likely to view Howard as an acceptable mayoral candidate – not only for his hesitation about lobbyist disclosure, but also his apparent cluelessness about how other cities approach this problem.

John Grooms


Ethical conduct is a standard, not a changeable policy

Compliments to the Observer for calling out City Council on the matter of ethics.

That said, I had to grit my teeth when the word policy was used in conjunction with the word ethics. They are two entirely different concepts.

A policy is a procedure based on current conditions and is changeable. Ethics are a set of moral principles or values that relate directly to what is acceptable individual or group behavior – a code.

Ethical conduct is not based on current conditions, rather it stands apart serving as a standard.

Frederick W. Timmerman Jr.


In response to “Failed ‘Obamanomics’? That’s not exactly the way I see it” (Feb. 10 Forum):

Looked at this way, Obama economy has a long way to go

Forum writer Jack Hankins would have us believe everything is rosy under “Obamanomics.”

Let’s look at a few details: The Bureau of Labor Statistics U-6 unemployment rate, which includes those employed part-time for economic reasons and those who’ve quit looking for work, is 11.3 percent.

Home ownership has fallen to a 20-year low while median household income continues to fall.

We have a poverty rate over 14 percent and record-high food stamp usage.

And, the cost of all this is shouldered by the half of the population that is actually paying income taxes. That’s how I see Obamanomics.

Andy Sigafoos


In response to “Congress gives final OK to Keystone XL pipeline” (Feb. 12):

Speaker’s comment was out

of line, show some respect

There are good arguments both for and against the Keystone XL pipeline. But according to House Speaker John Boehner, those who are against it are “a bunch of left-fringe extremists and anarchists.”

Is this what passes for respectful disagreement from the Republican leadership?

Carl King


In response to “U.S. must be more like Jordan in its response to terrorists” (Feb. 12 Forum):

Expose those who are funding ISIS, employ extreme sanctions

A better way to stop ISIS is to find out who is buying their stolen oil and supplying them with money and weapons. Expose their identity, then go after those people/countries with extreme sanctions – not U.S. troops.

E.T. Shafer

Seven Devils, N.C.

In response to “Superintendent worries about finding teachers” (Feb. 12):

Tough to find teachers? Address discipline issue first

Discipline is a major problem in schools and some students have bought into the idea that it’s cool to be stupid.

If CMS administrators don’t address these issues, the best teachers will continue to flock to private schools or change professions.

Jim Cherry