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In response to Eric Frazier “Spin cycle blurs gas tax reality” (Feb. 12 Opinion) and related articles:

Improve roads, but not with tolls

Some 80,000 miles of roads are maintained by NCDOT. They’re some of the country’s best roads, but they aren’t free.

Gas taxes and other vehicle ownership fees are the way we have connected our communities and grown our economy.

Voters need to give politicians the flexibility to adapt to the changing realities of road funding through fair broad-based funding solutions.

The one non-solution to prohibit is the economy-damaging tolling of our road infrastructure.

Ask our politicians to keep us the “Good Roads State,” but do it with fair solutions that do not damage our revenue-generating urban centers.

Vince Winegardner


In response to “Slain students mourned” (Feb. 12):

Guns and violence ingrained

in our culture; this must stop

The perfect storm for the shooting deaths of three Muslim students at Chapel Hill: The Boston Marathon bombings by two Muslims, the televised beheadings of hostages by ISIS, and an angry man with a gun.

If the gun was removed from this equation, these three Muslim students would be alive today.

Why have such acts of violence become part of our culture? Are we powerless to do anything about hate crime and gun violence in America?

Joseph J. Salerno


In response to “Used-car dealers settle lawsuit” (Feb. 11):

Lawsuit was government at its worst; AG Cooper to blame

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper initiated this case and the U.S. government joined in.

Of course used-car dealers were discriminating – along with Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

If you have good credit you pay a lower interest rate. If you have bad credit you pay a higher rate.

The used-car dealers targeted are handing the keys to a $10,000 or $12,000 car to a customer with no credit. N.C. usury laws permit charging 29 percent interest for this type of loan. It’s legal.

The government’s demand was in excess of $1 million. They quickly realized they did not have a legitimate case.

This is government at its worst. N.C. business owners are praying Cooper will never be governor.

J. Jerome Miller


In response to “Superintendent worries about finding teachers” (Feb. 12):

Nothing enticing about low pay, disrespect teachers face

It will take more than salary increases to solve the developing teacher shortage.

Each day at some of North Carolina’s schools students who might be motivated to enter the profession see their teachers disrespected and abused, not just by difficult students but by parents, administrators and government officials.

Why would a smart young person enter a profession plagued by poor pay and institutionalized abuse?

Kenneth Kyzer


In response to “Obama asks for war powers” (Feb. 12):

War strategy must come from generals, not White House

President Obama and his White House beard-strokers would do well to heed the words of noted Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War,” c. 500 BC.

To wit: “The advance and retirement of the army can be controlled by the general in accordance with the prevailing circumstances. No evil is greater than commands of the sovereign from the court.”

John Johnston

Denver, N.C.

In response to “Dems choose Philly for 2016 convention” (Feb. 13):

Note to Philadelphia: Beware of dash and dine Democrats

Memo to Philly: Warning! Grab your wallets before the Democrats get there.

Charlotte had the “honor” of hosting them in 2012. They showed their appreciation by leaving Duke Energy shareholders a $6 million unpaid tab, with never a word of apology.

Another footnote in the Democrats’ entitlement legacy.

Steve Monroe