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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to Our View “The tragedy in Chapel Hill” (Feb. 13) and related articles:

All murders are hate crimes

One gets the impression that some advocacy groups and some in the media are eagerly awaiting, almost hopefully, to find out that a killing is a so-called hate crime.

That would allow them to make it part of the cultural war narrative and pin the “real” blame on some segment of American society, instead of on the perpetrator.

Classifying certain murders as hate crimes changes nothing for the victim or the bereaved family.

Instead, it downplays the pain experienced by those of us who have lost loved ones in senseless killings, but who aren’t part of any special class of citizens.

All murders are hate crimes.

Tom L. Bowers


In response to “Tough to find teachers? Address discipline issue first” (Feb. 13 Forum):

Overworked teachers shouldn’t also

have to also teach kids discipline

Jim Cherry’s Forum letter is dead-on concerning student discipline.

But the responsibility should not fall on overworked teachers.

Discipline should start with and be the responsibility of parents.

Doug Boven

Mint Hill

In response to “U.S. must be more like Jordan in its response to terrorists” (Feb. 12 Forum):

U.S. is on the right track, military strategy doing serious harm to ISIS

Forum writer Herb Meyer may think that our response is too “intellectual,” but it has damaged ISIS to the point where ISIS can no longer resupply.

That, in war, is the centerpiece to winning.

I’d rather fight smarter than harder if it means a better outcome with less collateral damage. That is what we are doing, and we’re not bringing our kids home in body bags.

It’s time to to step back from the emotions, use our superior weapons, our superior military and our superior strategy, and allow intelligence to trump anger.

That’s how wars are won.

Bob Harrison


In response to “Congress gives final OK to Keystone XL pipeline” (Feb. 12):

Fed up with politicians and their snide remarks, it’s coming from all sides

I am tired of the incendiary rhetoric from both major political parties.

Speaker of the House John Boehner had a perfect opportunity recently to be respectful of the opposition, but instead chose to call those who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline “a bunch of left-fringe extremists and anarchists.”

Mr. Speaker, I have friends who oppose it and they are neither extremists nor anarchists. While I disagree with them, I do not degrade them or their opinions.

Many current political leaders embarrass me with their snide remarks.

All politicians should be required to read “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

Patrick A. Walters


In response to “Failed ‘Obamanomics’? That’s not exactly the way I see it” (Feb. 13 Forum):

Those who deny economic upswing are digging themselves a hole

Forum writer Andy Sigafoos digs deep in that dark hole of statistics to discredit President Obama, instead of looking up at the blue sky of a rising economy!

Those who dislike Obama just can’t stand it that Obamanomics – and for that matter, Obamacare – are working and getting better every day.

Keep digging and ranting, conservatives, you’ll probably cover yourselves up soon enough.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill

In response to “ ‘Banshee’ star talks plot twists, sex scenes,” (Feb. 12):

Hey, kids are reading the paper; enough with the graphic descriptions

Of course we know sex sells, but for a supposedly family newspaper your article on the actress of the show “Banshee” was too explicit.

Her comments on her nude scenes and graphic comments on how to film a sex scene were over the top.

Enough already, kids read the paper and some of the rest of us are just sick of it.

Dru Robson