Letters to the Editor

Housing policy favors rich, squeezes out middle class

Council is squeezing out middle class

In response to “City Council’s priority might change” (Oct. 17):

I suppose it is inevitable that our City Council will have to surrender to the wealthy and powerful of Charlotte and continue to concentrate affordable housing in areas where it already exists.

But let them be aware that this policy continues our transition from democracy to plutocracy by slowly eradicating the middle class and creating more problems like the Eastland Mall debacle.

Patricia Johnson, Charlotte

Let firebombing inquiry play out

In response to “McCrory: Firebombing ‘an attack on democracy’ ” (Oct. 17):

Let’s wait to see what the police find in their investigation before making any judgments about culprits.

Blowing up an office is not a solution for what ails this state and country.

Getting big money out of politics, shortening the election season to four months, and reassessing the actual voting process are my choices for change.

Vivian Brenner, Matthews

N.C. is better under McCrory’s watch

In response to “Not backing McCrory: 1st time in 25 years” (Oct. 16 Observer Editorial):

The Observer’s editorial not backing Gov. Pat McCrory was both puzzling and disappointing.

I’ve known Pat McCrory many years and can attest to his dedication, common sense, and strong work ethic.

Under his leadership, North Carolina’s economy is booming, teacher pay has improved significantly, streets are secure, and our fiscal house is in order.

He has brought efficient, forward-looking government back to our state.

Sue Coupland, Wilmington

Step aside and let Pence take the reins

Well, the Donald’s past has caught up with him and more of the female vote is shifting to Hillary.

It is becoming apparent that unless WikiLeaks has a Hillary bombshell which would clearly qualify her for jail time, the Donald is going to lose the Electoral College big-time.

So the question is: Does Donald care more about the future of this country or does he care more about the Donald?

If the former, he would step aside and let Mike Pence take the reins.

Unfortunately, the latter is probably the case. Prove me wrong, Donald.

Craig Reutlinger, Charlotte

‘Left media’ helping Clinton get elected

The left media, including the Observer editorial board, have nothing to promote Hillary on.

She is a consistent liar, she is corrupt, and her policies will only continue this country’s demise.

Her policies are no different than President Obama’s and the country is heading in the wrong direction.

The left media knows that the best way to get Hillary elected is to make Trump a bigger negative than she is, because Hillary has nothing positive going for her.

Hartley Simpson, Harrisburg

GOP nominee is morally empty

How did we let this happen?

We have a man, Donald Trump, spectacularly unqualified, emotionally unhinged, and morally empty running for president.

There is only one place he should be – on a psychiatrist’s couch!

Pearl Rosenthal, Charlotte

Trump is best choice for N.C. veterans

Fellow N.C. military retirees and veterans, this year’s presidential election is one of the most important in our history.

Not only will it affect us economically, but also judicially with several Supreme Court nominations at stake.

It will also affect our border security.

We can only take care of North Carolina. If we retirees and vets vote for the presidential nominee who is focused on our borders and making conservative Court appointments, we alone could make the difference in our state.

Ted Hayes, Hickory

To change prisons, start with lawmakers

In response to “N.C. treatment of prisoners shocking” (Oct. 16 Forum):

The writer is a former N.C. House member and retired Union County sheriff.

I agree with Forum writer Anne Cochran that our justice system fails the state with regard to mentally ill inmates.

But the ones we need to educate are the members of the General Assembly. They pass the laws and budget that dictate state policy.

Judges and prison officials have to work with what they are given by the legislature.

Frank McGuirt, Wingate