Letters to the Editor

On HB2, Gov. McCrory must think we’re dumb

McCrory didn’t have to sign that HB2 bill

In response to “McCrory fought against HB2, his attorney said in email” (Oct. 19):

I got a good laugh when I saw Wednesday’s front page.

I may not be the brightest penny in the roll, but I do know the governor does not have to sign a bill. It just becomes a law more quickly if he does.

He must think we’re rather stupid.

Don’t you really think this would fit the comics better? Anyway, I got a good laugh.

Nora Sprinkle, Charlotte

Governor has made education a priority

Gov. Pat McCrory made education one of his major priorities while in office.

He has worked tirelessly to make sure N.C. teachers were treated better, and he has done exactly that by raising teacher salaries.

N.C. teachers had the highest average salary increase in all the U.S. from 2013-2014 to 2014-2015. Under his leadership, K-12 funding has increased each year, totaling millions of new dollars for K-12 education.

Yet, Roy Cooper has continued to wrongfully attack Gov. McCrory for not helping teachers.

Connor Torossian, Elon

Glad you didn’t endorse McCrory

In response to “Not backing McCrory; 1st time in 25 years” (Oct. 16 Observer Editorial):

Although I’m an Ohio resident, I have closely followed the N.C. gubernatorial race. I even donated to Roy Cooper’s campaign.

For transgender people across the country, Cooper vs. McCrory compares to Clinton vs. Trump in terms of importance.

When one’s right to simply use the restroom is a matter of political debate, it’s unbelievably dehumanizing.

McCrory’s obstinate determination to discriminate against transgender people hasn’t only been economically harmful for your state, it also threatens the rights of transgender people everywhere.

I was enormously grateful to see the Observer stand with equality.

MJ Eckhouse, Kent, Ohio

Ross will exacerbate N.C.’s political divide

In response to “Our choice for U.S. Senate: Deborah Ross” (Oct. 19 Observer Editorial):

In response to concerns that Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross is too liberal for North Carolina, this editorial replies, “There aren’t many former ACLU lawyers who wouldn’t qualify for that label.”

Why does that make her extreme liberalism acceptable?

It would have been nice if your endorsement had addressed the fact that Ms. Ross is very liberal, out of sync with the majority of North Carolinians and therefore likely to exacerbate the political divide in our state.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

Trump is bad pick for N.C. veterans

After reading the headline “Trump is best choice for N.C. veterans” (Oct. 19 Forum), I am prompted to shout back “not for this veteran, not in a million years.”

I’m asking myself, how can any retired serviceman or woman even think about recommending Donald Trump, let alone voting for him?

As has been amply demonstrated again and again, his character, temperament, and overall grasp of the affairs of state, leave him altogether unqualified to be the commander-in-chief.

Bernie Hargadon, Charlotte

River District isn’t best use of that land

In response to “Huge new River District plan raises questions” (Oct. 18):

With regard to the new River District plan, is the “highest and best use” of the land being considered beyond it being “financially feasible and maximally productive”?

Our urban planners would do well to aim for a broader goal suggested by the American Planning Association: “… to further the welfare of people and their communities by creating convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive environments for present and future generations.”

Laura Hamilton, Charlotte

Replace Eastland; east side is worthy

In response to “Eastland Mall site is still vacant. Here’s why that won’t change soon.” (Oct. 16):

I feel that all of the east Charlotte residents are being mistreated.

We all have to travel too many miles to purchase nice shoes, clothing, furniture, etc. We need our Eastland Mall back – a more modern mall like Northlake, SouthPark and Concord Mills.

Our money is just as good as what is spent elsewhere.

It is depressing just driving by the site of our former mall. It looks like a war zone.

Brenda Ford, Charlotte