Letters to the Editor

Ecuador must kick Assange out

Mario Putzrath
Mario Putzrath

Time Assange faced reality; kick him out

In response to “Ecuador says it cut off Assange’s internet access over U.S. election concerns” (Oct. 19):

Señor Embajador Francisco Borja, as a U.S. citizen born in Ecuador it behooves me to beg you to release – throw out – Julian Assange from our embassy in London.

Enough is enough. Four years is basta.

Ecuador is a poor country. Can we even afford breakfast, lunch and dinner for this person?

You and our Mother country have made your point. Now let this guy face reality.

Mario Putzrath, Charlotte

Illegal immigrant voters a real concern

In response to “Four things to know about how NC’s election system works to prevent fraud” (Oct. 19):

This article assures us that if you have a utility bill with your name and address on it you can legally vote.

I have written about this numerous times and I will make my point again: Illegal, undocumented workers rent homes and pay utility bills. Ergo, they have utility bills with their name and address, and they do vote.

That is voter fraud.

We need to figure out how many of the 11 million illegal immigrants in this country are voting.

Ken Randall, Matthews

Trump train wreck isn’t Clinton’s fault

In response to “ ‘Left media’ helping Clinton get elected” (Oct. 19 Forum):

Stop whining and blaming the media for Donald Trump’s self-inflicted political wounds!

The Republican nominee’s comprehensive ineptitude and lack of anything resembling a modicum of a moral compass is helping Hillary Clinton get elected.

The Trump train wreck is helping Hillary all by its destructive little self. Believe me!

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Coverage is slanted in Clinton’s favor

I don’t support either candidate, but I do find ongoing Observer coverage very biased.

You consistently bury negative Hillary Clinton stories or give them the proper “light of day” for one news cycle only.

You keep negative Donald Trump stories alive by placing them front and center.

At least give equal negative coverage to both horrible candidates.

Patrick Walters, Charlotte

Trump is trying to create issues at polls

It should be obvious by now that any disturbance in the election has been engineered by none other than Donald Trump.

His call to have observers who are untrained and unauthorized is meant to create problems at the voting stations.

There are appointed observers from all authorized parties and all kinds of checks and balances for voting.

If there are any disturbances in the precincts, Mr. Trump should be held liable for his ignorance of the voting laws.

Donald C. Tracy, Salisbury

Transit must come before River District

In response to “Huge new River District plan raises questions” (Oct. 18):

In the early ’70s developers in northern Virginia built Crystal City between Reagan National Airport and the Pentagon.

It failed initially because “you couldn’t get there from here.”

It wasn’t until the taxpayers chipped in and extended the subway line to it that it became viable.

The same can be said for the proposed 1,400-acre development between the Catawba River and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

There is no viable infrastructure to connect such a community with uptown. Unless the developers create that infrastructure first then you can take it to the bank that we taxpayers will get stuck with that bill.

No thanks.

Bob Harrison, Mint Hill

Can’t shake my loyalty to my bank

I rode the escalator to the second floor of the new Wachovia building on West Trade Street in, I believe, 1958 at age 12 to open a savings account.

I had about $50 from the sale of pigs I had raised. My father, and I believe my mother, were in attendance.

I well remember receiving a small yellow passbook, with the entries made by hand, which is probably still around here somewhere.

Although I have since changed my religion and my politics, I still bank with Wachovia and call it by that name.

Mac Blankenship, Woodleaf