Letters to the Editor

Electing Trump is like opting for the least experienced surgeon

Jon Hoin
Jon Hoin

I’m choosing Clinton for her experience

I understand the desire for change in Washington. But to elect Donald Trump is like opting for the least experienced surgeon for an operation!

Examining the choices each of these candidates has made over the last 50 years reveals startling differences.

Trump has spent those years working for his own personal gain and self-aggrandizement.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton has, since her college days, dedicated her life to trying to help others. She has educated herself well and widely, and she has worked diligently in roles that have gained her valuable experience.

Winona Ramsaur, Mint Hill

Early voters won’t get full Clinton picture

In response to “Early voting opens to long lines across N.C.” (Oct. 21):

Early voting used to be called absentee balloting. I call it “The Democrats’ October surprise.”

Taxpayers are footing the bill for 42,400 hours of open polling stations here in North Carolina. Funny that you neglected to report the cost.

For the left, early voting means they lock in those votes that may have been changed or suppressed by further revelations on Hillary Clinton’s efforts to stay out of jail – e.g., Bill meeting with the attorney general, State Department staff negotiating destruction of laptops, etc.

Jon Hoin, Charlotte

Trump poll monitor plan worries me

In light of Donald Trump undermining confidence in our elections and his suggestions that his followers need to become “monitors” at the polls, is there a plan to deal with possible thugs hanging out at voting sites intimidating voters?

My fear is that these people, primed to believe that widespread fraud is going to occur, would target sites in minority areas in an attempt to scare away those who are least likely to cast a ballot for Trump.

Janet Taylor, Lincolnton

Through election fog contrasts grow clear

If you would like to see presidential decisions made through the lens of a person who clearly leans towards the traditional ideas of America and American exceptionalism, then vote for Donald.

If you would like to see presidential decisions made through the lens of a person who clearly leans towards globalism and the modern movement of international collectivism, then vote for Hillary.

Through the fog of all that has been said and shouted over the preceding months, at least these two contrasting sets of beliefs have become clear.

Harry Grantham, Fort Mill, S.C.

Train public how to respond to police

In response to “After protests, city boosts jobs, housing; activists want change” (Oct. 16) and related articles:

If the city is going to train and retrain police officers, then it should also train the public on how to comply to a police officer’s directive.

This may not end unnecessary shootings, but it sure would help.

Wake up, people.

Calvin Saletta Sr., Charlotte

I want more details from Scott’s widow

In response to “Scott family attorney hopes to reach agreement with city, avoid trial” (Oct. 14):

Could we please hear Rakeyia Scott’s explanation for how a gun sold illegally to Keith Lamont Scott landed at the scene and also her explanation for the location of the book she says he had with him?

That would go a long way in understanding the events of that tragic day.

Glo Kearns, Charlotte

James needs to hear what students think

In response to “James to board: Don’t take ‘child’ to our meetings” (Oct. 13):

I am disturbed by Bill James’ comments about adding student voices to county board meetings.

James says his lack of support is because students can “drag out meetings.”

I’m confused as to how getting a first-hand response about what is going on inside schools is going to drag out meetings.

It should actually speed things up because there will be less time spent assuming what is best for the students.

James needs to realize that simply drawing from his own experiences as a student does not give a holistic view of the issues that need to be addressed in schools today.

Michelle Ballasiotes, Charlotte