Letters to the Editor

Why many of us decided NASCAR events are no longer worth it

NASCAR events are no longer worth it

In response to “The economy isn’t all that’s hurting NASCAR” (Oct. 22):

Of the many articles written about NASCAR’s declining attendance, I have never seen discussed what I feel is a big factor: the one engine rule.

Many of us who spent a long weekend at the tracks saw the multiple practices and two rounds of qualifying changed to very little practice, one qualifying and then parked cars. We were receiving less value for the price we were paying.

Many of us decided it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

Catherine Straka, Cornelius

Governor can’t retreat from HB2

In response to “McCrory fought against HB2, his attorney said in email” (Oct. 19):

So Pat McCrory opposed HB2, then tried to weaken the law? HB2 is his signature song, and he has sung it over and over again, as recorded visual and audio media show. Time to stop lying to us, Governor.

Mary Vasquez, Davidson

Crump showed grace in incident

In response to “Man apologizes to Crump for slurs, gets drug treatment” (Oct. 22):

Like many others of my generation who live with the guilt of not having done enough to reduce/prevent indignities suffered by African–Americans, I reacted with anger and frustration at the news of the young man who expressed racial slurs directed at Steve Crump in Charleston.

Mr. Crump, however, made a lasting impression with his gracious response to the incident, both at the time it occurred and at the time the perpetrator was sanctioned by the court. You are a class act, Mr. Crump.

Rudy Wright, Hickory

We know you’re sorry, Wells Fargo

Memo to Wells Fargo: Enough of the full-page ads stating your sorrow. We know you are sorry you stepped in a huge cow pattie of your own making. Dumping endless portions of PR nonsense is just more of the same.

Brad Frazier, Iron Station

I have questions about CMPD lawsuit

In response to “CMPD sued over use of tear gas, smoke bombs” (Oct. 22):

For those who are planning to sue CMPD for using smoke and tear gas, how do you propose that our police stop the destruction of our city and our squad cars? And should everyone have to pay for the damages caused by those protesters that went over the line of peaceful protests?

Sue Harrell, Charlotte

Setting the record straight on Gore

In response to “OK with me if Trump waits to accept a loss” (Oct. 23 Forum):

While Tripp Cherry wisely sees that Trump is not on track to win, he is factually incorrect that Gore took the matter “all the way to the Supreme Court before eventually conceding.” The caption for that case was Bush v. Gore.

But facts are generally not important to Trump supporters.

MaryAnn C. Whalen, Charlotte

On utility bills and voting eligibility

In response to “Illegal immigrant voters a real concern” (Oct. 21 Forum):

Ken Randall’s response to the Observer’s article about four things that prevent elections fraud fails to correctly state his case. The article plainly reads that a “utility bill” and other approved documents will be used “To look up that person’s eligibility.”

The North Carolina Board of Elections and its county partners have in the past, and are currently, committed to ensuring that all eligible voters have the opportunity to cast their vote; which is their right.

I have just finished my third four-hour training session as a volunteer precinct official. Under no circumstances would a voter receive a ballot solely on the basis of a utility bill.

David Loughran, Indian Trail

Look what you’ve done, Kevin Siers

During the Charlotte mayoral election campaign, Kevin Siers explained in a cartoon that, from the eight candidates for mayor of Charlotte, a Mayor Roberts would “be the most fun to draw.” Yet, now that she is mayor, Siers seems to have been distracted from local politics, to partake in the Trump obsession.

Just ask my five-year-old, who for Halloween wants to carve a “Trumpkin” using a Siers cartoon as a template. Kevin, may I blame our Trumpkin on you?

Karin Lukas-Cox, Charlotte