Letters to the Editor

Want open dialogue? Stop arresting Charlotte protest leaders

David Underwood
David Underwood

CMPD tactics won’t bring open dialogue

Chief Kerr Putney has said repeatedly that CMPD respects the First Amendment right to protest.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts has called for increased dialogue between the community and police.

Why then are police arresting and trumping up charges against some of those who organized protests?

These arrests will do nothing to increase dialogue. Rather, they seem designed to make an example of protest leaders in order to discourage others from expressing their First Amendment rights.

Instead of attempting to shut people up and sweep Keith Lamont Scott’s death under the rug, police and community leaders need to step up and address the legitimate concerns of Charlotte citizens before the next controversial police shooting occurs.

David Underwood, Cherryville

CMPD tear gas was appropriate response

In response to “CMPD sued over use of tear gas, smoke bombs” (Oct. 22):

Our police force exercised extreme restraint while dealing with the riots.

Police are charged to protect all the people, even those who use bad judgment.

For some protesters, as was evidenced by riots, smoke and tear gas are sound options, and at times the only one.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Obamacare has been one big mistake

We keep hearing about the 20 million more people insured because of Obamacare, but most of those people are being mostly or completely subsidized by the rest of us.

This is what happens when Washington passes something so large in such a hurry with only one party voting for it.

This bill should never have happened, and now we are all going to pay the price.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Small business people like me suffer

I’ve been in business for myself since 1980 and have used BCBS of North Carolina all that time.

The premiums have roughly doubled since Obamacare was enacted.

Bottom line: We’ll now be paying $2,500 a month for the “right” to pay a $5,000 deductible.

It’s pretty much “take it or leave it” in North Carolina with no competition.

Those who get subsidies and those with cushy corporate jobs are on cruise-control. Small business people like me are “totin’ the note.”

Insanity now rules!

Risden McElroy, Charlotte

Legislature gets it all wrong on ER care

In response to “223 ER visits in 15 months? Time for a change” (Oct. 24):

Community Care of North Carolina found a way to reduce unnecessary visits to the ER, thus saving all residents money.

It found a way to provide the proper services to those most in need and made health care more cost efficient.

Now in its infinite wisdom, the N.C. legislature has decided to eliminate all that progress because it doesn’t fit in with its right-wing political agenda.

The legislature’s efforts will increase unnecessary use of the ER, increase health care costs, and put thousands of lives at risk.

A note to all N.C. voters: Pay attention folks!

Michael L. Ham, Matthews

Dismayed by all this anti-trade sentiment

In my profession as an international trade consultant, Mexico is part of what is termed the MINT countries – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.

These nations share characteristics that make them attractive for investment and poised for major economic growth, such as younger populations and proximity to economically developed and powerful nations.

Mexico is the second largest export market for North Carolina goods, with $3.2 billion in exports from our state in 2015.

The reality is that trade opens up markets for our products and supports American jobs.

Troy Pelshak, Charlotte

I’d help accusers battle Trump in court

In response to “Trump will sue sexual assault accusers after the election” (Oct. 24):

Trump continues to try to bully his way into the White House through insult and intimidation.

When we most need to hear the full story about Donald Trump’s past and personality, he threatens to sue everyone who says anything critical.

With pockets as deep as Trump’s, the only way to ensure that those who have dealt with him in the past can freely tell their stories is to protect them from his frivolous lawsuits.

A consortium of legal volunteers from across the country financed by crowd-sourced funding might be a match for Trump’s resources. I’d certainly contribute!

Suzanne Villar, Huntersville