Letters to the Editor

Obamacare is failing; keep that in mind as you vote

Bill Hawthorne
Bill Hawthorne

Remember, Dems gave us Obamacare

In response to “Could gloomy Obamacare report be lifeline for Trump?” (Oct. 26):

There is now a consensus that Obamacare is failing.

Eight years ago, President Obama promised Americans they could keep their health plan, their doctor, and that premiums would decrease.

We now know none of these statements held true.

The private system may not have been perfect, but give me the freedom of choice any day over a mandated, bloated government bureaucracy.

Remember when you go to the polls that the Affordable Care Act was the Democratic Party’s law and not a single Republican voted for it.

Bill Hawthorne, Charlotte

Early voting is good use of my tax money

In response to “Early voters won’t get full Clinton picture” (Oct. 24 Forum):

I don’t understand why this Forum writer has a problem with “footing the bill for 42,400 hours of open polling stations.”

I voted on Nov. 7, 2000, and had to wait for five hours to cast my vote.

I voted early on Monday and it took 20 minutes! Imagine turnout if everyone was able to do this.

The use of my tax dollars to make voting as easy for everyone as it was for me on Monday is money well spent.

Dave Ballenger, Monroe

Fed up with my yard signs being stolen

I know this happens every election season, but are the thieves who stole my political yard sign and two of my neighbors’ signs in Stonehaven aware that they committed a Class 3 misdemeanor?

Way to represent your political party!

Diane Sutton, Charlotte

I want change, and that means Trump

The “establishment” was the villain during the long primary season, ending with Bernie Sanders losing but taking down the Democratic Party chair due to shady deals to boost his opponent.

And Donald Trump beat a host of wanna-be president types to represent the Republican Party.

Who is now running with/for the establishment and who is the outsider?

I’m voting for Trump because I want change and it will never come with Mr. Trump’s opponent, who is the epitome of the establishment.

Carol F. Johnson, Matthews

Spend that ad money on hurricane victims

If Sen. Richard Burr or Deborah Ross want to impress the voters with their service to North Carolina, please suspend all ads and donate those funds to those devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Parts of eastern North Carolina need disaster assistance ASAP.

Clarke Harbold, Charlotte

Election 2016 has me humming Dylan tune

Donald Trump is the GOP nominee and already civility is down, venomous speech is up.

Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan must have had a vision of this presidential campaign in 1965 when he wrote: “They’re selling postcards of the hanging. They’re painting the passports brown. The beauty parlor is filled with sailors. The circus is in town.”

Frank Long, Davidson

Concert venue needs to work on security

In response “NASCAR driver tells his side of beating” (Oct. 26):

I frequent concerts at numerous venues. In my opinion PNC Amphitheater is the worst of the lot – not enough security walking around and there are out of control drunks.

I’ve witnessed very few problems at venues in and near uptown – Ovens Auditorium, Knight Theater, Spectrum Center.

The only way to deal with an unsavory group at a concert is to have security walk them out and refund their money.

Randall Lemly, Charlotte

We need to clone Anita Schambach

In response to “223 ER visits in 15 months? Time for a change” (Oct. 24):

The writer is a retired ER nurse.

Kudos to Anita Schambach, network director of Community Care Partners of Greater Mecklenburg.

Her accomplishment of reducing the number of Medicaid patient visits to the ER is amazing! She also helped these patients get the care they needed.

Too bad she cannot be cloned. Her expertise and hard work would make a huge difference to our current nationwide health care problems.

Carol Franks, Charlotte

Another program helps cut ER visits

Kudos to Anita Schambach for her work with our emergency room situation.

Another program is also helping reduce ER visits. Samaritan House has been a godsend for our homeless population and has greatly helped eliminate repeat trips to the ER by caring for those who need more care.

Gail Grim, Charlotte