Letters to the Editor

Trump, Clinton blues? We voters must blame ourselves


Voters bear blame for 2 bad options

In response to “FBI’s new probe could upend race” (Oct. 29):

Has there ever been a presidential election with two more suspect candidates? On one side we have a narcissistic, misogynistic, name-calling blowhard whose claim to fame includes assaults on women and declaring multiple bankruptcies. On the other side is a career politician whose trustworthiness is the subject of FBI investigations.

That Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are running is a sad commentary on the intelligence of the American electorate. The old adage, “you get the government you deserve” will certainly be the case in this election.

Ken Hanson, Waxhaw

FBI email probe likely bad news

FBI Director Comey’s letter provided few “details” on the evidence found on the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner devices that caused him to re-initiate the Clinton email investigation.

Without information, people tend to use their imagination ... and people generally “imagine the worst.”

However, in the case of the Clintons, expecting “the worst” is probably a safe bet.

Pat LaRocca, Charlotte

Hate traffic? Mill towns have room

In response to “I’m glad companies are refusing to come” (Oct. 30 Forum):

This spring, thousands of Charlotte’s sons and daughters will graduate from high school and college. Unfortunately, there will be 730 fewer jobs for them in the Charlotte area. (“Charlotte loses 730 jobs to Richmond over HB2” (Oct. 26)). Walt David thinks that is a good thing since he encounters too much traffic on his drive from Waxhaw.

Want to avoid traffic, Walt? Move to an abandoned mill town where jobs have left and not returned; that’s what you want for Charlotte, after all.

Pam Isacks, Charlotte

Mayor lacked leadership on riots

In response to “Inside the 48 hours that shook Charlotte (Oct. 29):

Our police force was “overwhelmed” by the actions of the mob, which put, as the report reveals, both our brave police force and therefore the city, at considerable risk. When will the city of Charlotte realize that Mayor Roberts does not have the judgment to protect or promote this city? Perhaps she is more interested in protecting and promoting her own agenda.

Kathy Taylor, Charlotte

How to help the upwardly mobile

In response to “Upward mobility? We actually discourage it” (Oct. 30 Eric Frazier column):

The solution to the “benefits cliff” problem described by Mr. Frazier is simple: don’t make it a cliff. Instead, make it sliding reduction. For example, for every $2 of income, (social welfare) benefits will be reduced $1.

Of course, different amounts could be used, but so long as the reduction in benefits is less than the increase in income, the worker will always be better off as his income rises.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

GOP blocking Obamacare fixes

In response to “Remember, Dems gave us Obamacare” (Oct. 27 Forum):

The Affordable Care Act needs to be fixed.

However, Forum writer Bill Hawthorne implies President Obama and the Democrats are solely in charge. A Republican Congress has refused to address any issue that could be seen as a benefit to Democrats, including fixing Obamacare.

Responsibility for changing laws falls on Congress. If Obama were to propose a resolution saying the sky is blue, this Congress would oppose that as well.

So yes, keep the Affordable Care Act, the lack of action on a Supreme Court nominee, and the myriad of other inactions in mind when you vote!

Charles Fortanbary, Charlotte

Litterbugs don’t hear our complaints

In response to “I pick up 1,100 lbs. of litter a year, just on my short daily walks” (Oct. 28 Opinion):

I love to read the paper and see all the complaints we make. We can complain all we want about littering our beautiful highways, streets and lakes. The people that do all this never read the paper. They are too busy doing the above.

Ellie Rust, Fort Mill, S.C.