Letters to the Editor

Protesters were anything but ‘peaceful’

Those were not ‘peaceful protesters’

In response to “Police too quick to resort to violence” (Nov. 2 Forum):

“Peaceful protesters,” Forum writer Linda Flynn?

Like the ones who blocked I-85 and burned tractor trailers?

Like the ones who trashed police cars?

Like the ones who vandalized and looted uptown businesses?

Like the one charged with shooting a man to death during the protest?

Get your own house in order first.

Ken Connell, Charlotte

Block all high court nominees? Grow up!

In response to “Burr puts bull’s-eye on Constitution” (Nov. 2 Observer Editorial):

Oh joy, the promise of another four to eight years of obstructionist tit-for-tat politics by Senators Richard Burr and Ted Cruz.

The system of checks and balances is an important part of our Constitution. A promise to block every Supreme Court nominee if Hillary Clinton wins is simply childish.

I am no fan of Mrs. Clinton, and in the past the Democrats have rejected Republican nominees, but continuing to hamstring the judicial branch is just plain wrong.

We, the American people, and our country deserve better. Grow up!

Tom Lewis, Charlotte

FBI investigation is way off track

If Huma Abedin allowed her husband to see classified emails, that might amount to a crime on her part. But it has nothing to do with Clinton’s use or misuse of a private server.

Regardless of where Abedin got the documents, how does this justify reopening the FBI’s investigation of a separate matter? And what has it to do with the election?

No one suggested David Petraeus’ superiors were to blame for his mishandling of papers he shared with Paula Broadwell.

Daniel Hoffman, Charlotte

It’s time for a woman, but it’s not Clinton

In a speech in Winston-Salem last week, Michelle Obama said Hillary Clinton is “absolutely ready to be Commander-in-Chief on day one. And, yes, she happens to be a woman.”

Clinton is a manipulative, dishonest and unethical woman.

Someone of this supposed high caliber was given a salary by our country to uphold our laws and Constitution. Yes, I think it’s time for a woman president, but not this one.

Linda Nowlin, Richfield

Vitriolic ads? N.C. has plenty of company

In response to “New to N.C.; struck by all the hateful ads” (Nov. 2 Forum):

Forum writer David Force is concerned that he made a bad decision moving here from out of state because of the “hate” in N.C. political ads.

The vitriolic ads are not unique to North Carolina, rather a cynical approach being taking by more and more politicians.

Did he move here from a “state of denial?”

Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

I’m not sold on city’s bond package

In response to “City asks voters to OK $218.4M in bonds” (Nov. 2):

Great pains have been made to tell us that approving $218.4 million in bonds will not raise taxes.

The case for justifying the bonds has simply not been made to the public.

For example, why do we need to borrow more than $60 million primarily for those few who ride bicycles for recreation?

Rather than selling us a “pig in a poke,” how about not issuing these bonds and reducing our taxes?

Lee M. Rea, Charlotte

Yes, but welfare creates dependence

In response to “Upward mobility? We actually discourage it” (Oct. 30 Opinion):

Eric Frazier brilliantly captures the basic problem of our society: Well-intentioned welfare suppresses self-reliance and creates dependence.

It’s not a race issue. It’s human nature.

Unknowingly that leads to loss of pride, self respect.

What accomplishments can I tell my kids if my accomplishment is waiting for the monthly check?

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Baffled by decision to drop Larson

In response to “WBT changes owners, parts ways with Larson” (Nov. 1):

Corporate America often commits acts that are vexing to the public.

Entercom Communications rose to this level with its decision to part ways with Keith Larson.

He certainly could be a thorn in the side of politicians he didn’t agree with, but that was part of why his audience was so loyal to his show. What a shame!

Vincent Watkins, Cornelius