Letters to the Editor

Castro and Trump are cut from the same self-centered cloth


Castro, Trump cut from the same cloth

In response to “Fidel Castro dies at 90” (Nov. 27):

In some ways Fidel Castro reminds me of Donald Trump. Not differentiating between real and perceived threats, promising things they can never deliver and always blaming failure on others. Castro and Trump, regardless of the harm to others, make sure that self comes first.

Watch, listen, learn and compare over the next four years.

Dewey Rochester, Charlotte

Check on Trump voter in 4 years

In response to “An educated woman, I backed Trump” (Nov. 27 For the Record):

I want to thank you for publishing the column by Catherine Chew.

I hope you will keep in touch with her and ask her to write a similarly reflective column at the end of Mr. Trump’s tenure. Since one of the virtues of democracy is, or should be, an education in real time, I think revisiting this decision would be an invaluable service to your readers.

Martin Bounds, Charlotte

Early Trump signs aren’t promising

Ms. Chew thinks that Trump’s election will “shake things up and restore people’s trust,” that it will end “eight years of ineffective leadership.” I hope that she is following the saga of Trump’s ongoing business dealings as president-elect, the work of his transition team, and his choices for cabinet and White House staff.

Those latter two groups already comprise a splendid collection of racists and nutballs, and Trump has already revealed, in two short weeks, what kind of incompetent and corrupt leadership he will supply. Chew, like many Trump voters, will discover that, whatever she thought she was voting for, the reality will be far, far worse.

Paul Wilson, Charlotte

Trump fans have been conned

I sincerely hope that Donald Trump can pull off all the wonderful promises that Catherine Chew thinks he can. However, I fear that she, like millions of others – both educated and uneducated – have been conned by a glib salesman.

Donna Hatfield, Cornelius

Muslim’s Trump support welcomed

In response to “I’m a Muslim, and I support Donald Trump’s presidency” (Nov. 25 For the Record):

It was encouraging to read the support Zohaib Zafar expressed for President-elect Trump. His patriotism and respect for the president is commendable, and he is correct to also express his concerns about Islamaphobia, and further stand on the side of peaceful protest.

I agree with Mr. Zafar that most Muslims are law-abiding and peaceful citizens who hopefully President Trump will clearly state are entitled to be treated as equal citizens with kindness and respect, and that includes Muslim immigrants.

Curtis Elliott, Charlotte

Speech is free, rudeness is optional

In response to “Hamilton ad-libs for Pence” (Nov. 20):

Of course the actor portraying Aaron Burr and the cast of “Hamilton” have a First Amendment right to insult Vice President-elect Mike Pence. However it was totally classless to do so. Rude behavior is certainly protected as free speech, but that doesn’t make it right.

Robert E. Cassell Jr., Charlotte

Horseback program helped me, too

In response to “Parents thank 87-year-old Charlotte hero with a different kind of campaign – for CNN” (Nov. 22 Charlotteobserver.com):

When I saw Harry Swimmer’s face and the accompanying article about The Mitey Riders program, I wanted to add my thanks. Fifteen years ago I also was a grateful rider for the program. I was newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

I will never forget the sheer joy horseback riding offered, a gift of confidence I’ll always carry with me.

Cathy Hardin Penson, Lake Wylie, S.C.

Thanks for sharing uplifting story

Marilyn and Harry Swimmer are modern day saints.

In our self-centered society, we can learn from their example. Thank you for sharing their story. It made my day.

Dale Williams, Boone

It’s firing time for Carolina Panthers

The front office has degraded this team – they have NO pass defense.

Time to fire some front office personnel and on-field coaches. Perhaps Ron Rivera too. He doesn’t know what to do.

Jim Hall, Charlotte