Letters to the Editor

Trump, Castro are nothing alike

Trigg Cherry
Trigg Cherry

Trump is patriotic, selfless; not Castro

In response to “Castro, Trump cut from the same cloth” (Nov. 29 Forum):

Fidel Castro and Donald Trump couldn’t be more opposite.

Castro used a Marxist-Leninist agenda to turn Cuba into a one-party socialist state. He used his rise in power to unlawfully imprison people and his crimes against humanity have been appalling.

Conversely, Trump made a fortune in private business utilizing capitalistic principals learned over a lifetime of running businesses. He ran for president because of his love of country and the direction he saw it going.

Castro’s motives were selfish and motivated by greed. Trump’s are patriotic and selfless.

Trigg Cherry, Charlotte

Beware of that bull in the china shop

In response to “An educated woman, I backed Trump” (Nov. 27 For the Record):

Catherine Chew used over 500 words, but gave only one reason she voted for Trump: She hoped he would “shake things up.”

She didn’t name a specific Trump policy she supports, possibly because he rarely laid out any actual plans – and changed his positions endlessly when he did.

It was pure recklessness to choose someone for the most powerful office in the world merely in hopes he’ll be “a bull in a china shop.” I fear the bull Chew helped release will break many irreplaceable items before he is led out to pasture.

James Bolin, Charlotte

Trump should follow Carter’s example

Very early in Jimmy Carter’s presidency Republicans demanded he remove any conflict of interest by divesting his ownership in his peanut farm. Carter complied.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s time for Democrats to demand that Trump perform the same “courtesy.”

Dan Shoemaker, Charlotte

McCrory must stop being sore loser

In response to “Cooper’s vote lead has nearly doubled since Election Day” (Nov. 29):

Gov. Pat McCrory is acting like a kid who got the wrong flavor lollipop.

He needs to concede that he lost because he was not a good governor. He just has to move on and admit defeat.

Angela Bickford, Mooresville

Labor unions bring financial turmoil

In response to “Election’s over, but working class still seeks living wage” (Nov. 28 For the Record):

Op-ed columnist Letitia Selby says she will fight for the right to form unions.

Whether she realizes it or not, today’s labor unions have more rights, authority and power than at any time in recent memory.

Over the past eight years, numerous far-reaching decisions by our overzealous National Labor Relations Board granted that power.

Ms. Selby needs to take a hard look at what the public unions have brought to the table in New York – nothing but financial turmoil.

Kenny Colbert, Charlotte

Mayor, Council got it right on House Bill 2

In response to “Don’t give mayor a pass on House Bill 2” (Nov. 28 Forum):

Forum writer David Short’s criticism of Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the City Council for passing the transgender ordinance – an effort to offer citizens their civil rights – is totally misguided.

It reminds me of authorities who suggest in sexual harassment cases that the victim has some responsibility in the abuse.

Instead of referring to LGBT human beings as “special interests,” Mr. Short should open up a bit to a welcoming and diverse world.

John H. Clark, Charlotte

Streetcar isn’t best use of tax dollars

Charlotte City Council wants to spend $75 million on the second phase of the Gold Line trolley. (“Council OKs streetcar construction contract,” Nov. 29)

These are trolleys that will go along the same routes that buses currently cover.

The only difference is tracks must now be put in the ground and ugly wires hung overhead.

Is this really a good use of our tax money?

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Glad to see CHS, Novant collaborate

In response to “Charlotte health systems team up to help the poor” (Nov. 29):

In these days of so much bad news, it’s a startling revelation that Carolinas HealthCare and Novant Health are teaming up to help under-served communities.

It is extraordinary in what it will mean to thousands of people, and it’s a complete turnaround from the fierce, sometimes bitter competition these giant systems have displayed in the past.

Watson Burts, Charlotte