Letters to the Editor

Legislative election results prove nothing about HB2


Solution to HB2 fight lies in Raleigh

In response to “City Council, mayor must initiate HB2 compromise” (Nov. 30 Opinion):

Rep. Scott Stone’s argument that the super-majority spoke in the election is undermined by the fact that the voter “decision” could not have happened without the extreme gerrymandering, which the U.S District Court had declared illegal.

Voters also chose Mayor Jennifer Roberts in her last election, and standing behind her is our best choice for making Charlotte great again.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

Burr, Tillis, oppose Trump appointees

North Carolina was a state that Donald Trump needed to win, which means we have leverage in the Trump regime.

It is time for our representatives in Washington – Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Rep. Robert Pittenger – to get a backbone and denounce the divisive choices Trump is making for his leadership positions.

Why aren’t they trying to stop a racist from getting into the White House?

As our representatives they are implored by their constituency to get a backbone and speak up.

Marty Brownlow, Charlotte

GOP doomed Obama from the beginning

When I answered “no” to the question “do you think the country is headed in the right direction?” my thinking was that it should not be allowable for one party (Republican) to meet on inauguration night and swear to oppose anything the new president proposed. Which is exactly what happened.

Republicans opposed everything, even things they agreed with, just to oppose.

They held this country back for the past 6 years, just out of spite. That is the wrong direction.

C.G. Kilburn, Monroe

Pence-Hamilton exchange respectful

To those still fretting about what happened after the curtain closed at “Hamilton”: Did you read the remarks made by actor Brandon Victor Dixon? What was rude or offensive?

Vice President-elect Mike Pence wasn’t offended.

I have read and re-read the remarks, and even read what Mr. Pence said. I thought there was dignity on the stage and in the audience.

There are bigger woes in front of us. Fret about those!

Chris Horn Williams, Charlotte

Forget natural gas; Duke must go clean

In response to “N.C. braces for Trump’s environmental strategy” (Nov. 27):

This article says burning of natural gas is cleaner than coal.

In reality, gas isn’t cleaner as methane leakage at the well-head and in storage and pipelines is not figured into the equation.

Methane emissions for the first 10 years are 100 percent more potent as a greenhouse gas.

Adding methane leakage to CO2 emissions at the gas plant makes natural gas plants just as great a threat to climate change as coal.

Fooling the public allows Duke Energy to continue its move to expensive gas plants, which increases its profits – but costs the public more.

Why not move directly to clean energy?

Lee Brinson, Hickory

Gun dealers should keep weapons safe

Break-ins of gun stores are increasing and making us – and the police – less safe.

Why aren’t gun dealers required to keep their weapons in a safe when stores are closed?

Surely they are making enough profit from this country’s obsession with guns to keep the rest of us safe from these smash and grabs.

This should be a requirement for opening a gun shop or firing range and retroactive for gun stores already in business.

Jeanne Gillespie, Denver, N.C.

Get to know someone different

My heart has been heavy since the September protests and violence in Charlotte.

However, I was greatly encouraged this week by two events I attended. Both promoted dialogue in the community to foster improved race relations.

They brought the community together with police officers in a racially diverse setting to talk about the issues that face us.

One was hosted by Forest Hill Church, the other by CMPD.

Each of us needs to make an effort to get to know someone different from ourselves. By doing so we can promote empathy and understanding in our community and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Sherril Harrill, Charlotte