Letters to the Editor

Those who lied in Scott case helped fuel riots, should be charged

Arnie Grieves
Arnie Grieves

Prosecute all who lied in Scott case

In response to “Officer cleared” (Dec. 1) and related articles:

All of the individuals who gave false accounts regarding the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It is unconscionable for someone who did not even witness the shooting to make claims that Mr. Scott was holding a book or that he was shot with his arms up.

The motivation of seeking 15 minutes of fame is a poor excuse for having helped fuel a riot.

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte

Work responsibly to change justice system

To those who cling to the “no justice, no peace” mantra please let me offer an objective opinion.

Our system of justice is designed to work for all people, regardless of ethnicity.

The inevitable result is that agreement by all people is impossible.

“No justice, no peace” is divisive. If you disagree with our system of justice work responsibly to change it.

Brooke Dickson, Charlotte

It’s over, governor, time to bow out

Gov. Pat McCrory’s misguided efforts reveal a desperate attempt to lead an unfounded witch hunt for phantom voters who were against him.

He is in denial about his actions and the consequences that followed.

Most North Carolinians are paying more in taxes, businesses are leap-frogging North Carolina to avoid HB2, and even the federal courts have deemed recent N.C. laws unconstitutional.

These are not exactly ground-breaking achievements to hang one’s hat on.

It’s over, Pat! Many voters were hoping for a center-right candidate, but instead you became the scapegoat for the Republican Party’s own means.

Benjamin Cook, Charlotte

House Bill 2 was not about civil rights

In response to “Mayor, Council got it right on HB2” (Nov. 30 Forum):

The HB2 ordinance was not about civil rights. Use of bathrooms and locker rooms are not civil rights.

What it did do was create a special set of rules for a micro-group that did not exist prior. Singling out a particular group for special treatment is discriminatory in itself.

William Harraman, Charlotte

Rucho is N.C.’s George Wallace

In response to “Court orders N.C. to redraw districts, hold special election in ’17” (Nov. 30):

The embarrassment for North Carolina – particularly Charlotte – as a result of Republican politics is never-ending.

Sen. Bob Rucho’s vow to appeal the U.S. District Court’s order to redraw N.C. House and Senate districts has sealed his legacy as North Carolina’s George Wallace standing in the schoolhouse door.

Unfortunately, he stands with a mightier weapon. Here’s hoping the vote becomes mightier still.

Neya Warren, Charlotte

Dems, stop selling illusion of hope

In response to “Trump, Sanders teach basic lesson about working class” (Nov. 20 Opinion):

The Democratic and Republican parties are scratching their heads over Trump’s election.

The Democratic Party will have to make some deep, far-reaching changes if it ever hopes to be significant.

It will have to leave its social change agenda behind and focus on what people really care about.

People want to provide for their families and get ahead instead of living week-to-week under diminishing incomes and oppressive taxes.

Democrats must clean up drug- and crime-ridden neighborhoods and allow business and employment to return there.

They need to stop selling the illusion of hope and deliver the real thing.

William Brown, Bluffton, S.C.

President-elect is hardly ‘selfless’

In response to “Trump is patriotic, selfless; not Castro” (Nov. 30 Forum):

Forum writer Trigg Cherry claims that Donald Trump is selfless and patriotic and says Trump made a fortune by utilizing capitalistic principles.

While bankruptcy is a principle, it is not one that true businessmen strive to utilize, especially six times!

Trump has amassed his fortune by utilizing his own principle, which is: “I get mine, but you don’t get yours!” Hardly selfless!

Doug Samut, Mooresville