Letters to the Editor

Trump Treasury pick, Steven Mnuchin, spins another GOP fairy tale

David L. Preston
David L. Preston

A delusional fairy tale from Treasury pick

In response to “Incoming Treasury Sec. Mnuchin steps down from Sears board” (Dec. 2) and related articles:

Donald Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, said last week: “We think by cutting corporate taxes we’ll create huge economic growth and we’ll have huge personal income, so the revenues will be offset on the other side.”

Republicans have been promoting that delusional fairy tale since the Reagan administration.

So far the only thing repeating Republican tax cuts have produced is sky-rocketing deficits.

David Preston, Charlotte

High price for clean energy revolution

In response to “Forget natural gas; Duke must go clean” (Dec. 1 Forum):

What clean energy would Forum writer Lee Brinson recommend to replace coal, nuclear and natural gas power plants?

Storing wind power is difficult and expensive. Solar is the left’s other favorite, though it’s not feasible in large amounts. It’s also expensive.

What price will the “clean energy revolution” cost our country?

A lot of those clean energy ideas sound good until you start computing the price.

Tony Horton, Denver, N.C.

Name 1 selfless act on Trump’s part

In response to “Trump is patriotic, selfless; not Castro” (Nov. 30 Forum):

“Selfless” is the very last word I’d ever use to describe Donald Trump.

Name one selfless act of Trump’s.

He has engaged in not a moment of public service. He established a tax-exempt foundation that doesn’t actually give away money, and he insults anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Everything he does serves only Donald Trump.

I’d laugh at the idea that he is “patriotic and selfless,” if the reality wasn’t so alarming.

Anne Vari, Davidson

Make kindergarten required in N.C.

In response to “Pre-K for all? A smart goal” (Nov. 26 Our View) and related articles:

As a first-grade volunteer at a school in Mecklenburg County, I was told that in North Carolina a child is not legally required to attend kindergarten.

I personally have observed such a child who was totally unprepared for both the social skills and academic skills required to adjust to first grade.

Perhaps the Pre-K study will address the need for all children to be legally required to attend kindergarten.

Roberta Bograd, Matthews

Another exit needed on I-485 ASAP

Exit 57 at Providence Road and I-485 is a major bottleneck during rush hour. With two more major commercial and residential developments underway within a quarter mile, it stands to become one of the busiest intersections in Charlotte.

I would suggest breaking ground on another exit at Matthews-Weddington Road – ASAP!

Mike Haney, Weddington

Aldrin risked too much in Andes

In response to “Buzz Aldrin recovers in New Zealand after polar evacuation” (Dec. 2):

Hey octogenarian, you have no business going to the South Pole, getting sick, and risking lives to be rescued.

You are smarter than that. I am in my seventies, from Quito, Ecuador. I would not even think of going back; it’s 9,000 feet up in the Andes. I would not put my family through an ordeal like yours.

Stay well. You are an American hero.

Mario Putzrath, Charlotte

Don’t let them tear down Double Door

Please don’t tear down the Double Door Inn.

It would be a tragedy to lose our city’s greatest historic mecca for live music, often showcasing our local talent.

And, it’s the best dive bar Charlotte ever had.

I hope Central Piedmont Community College will do the right thing and preserve this cherished landmark.

Mark Jones, Charlotte

What the 2016 election taught me

I want to thank the Observer for publishing articles on the millions spent by the current state government body trying to manipulate voter rights.

How is that a good use of my taxes?

We must insist our elected officials create laws that benefit the entire population, not just one political party.

We need to become involved and educate ourselves on what is going on in our governing bodies. This is the only way a true representative government can survive.

Mary Ann Evanoff, Charlotte