Letters to the Editor

We the people demand the truth on Russian hacking

Trump reacts poorly in Russian hacking

The recent CIA determinations that Russian-based agents hacked into various aspects of our electoral system specifically to help Donald Trump win the presidency are horrifying. To have a foreign power blatantly attempt to delegitimize the most hallowed component of America’s democratic system sounds like fodder for a bad political novel, not real life.

I’m disappointed but not surprised at Trump’s response. Instead of issuing a calm statement about trusting in both our democratic system and the intelligence agencies that help protect that system, Trump has acted like a frightened, guilty child, lashing out at the CIA for doing its job. Many Trump backers have shamefully followed suit.

This matter requires immediate bipartisan action. We the people demand that the truth be exposed.

Michael A. Clark, Charlotte

Tired of wishy-washy folks like McCain

In response to “Senators seek probe into Russia’s role in election” (Dec 12):

John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two very moderate senators, keep crying sour grapes over the election of Donald Trump. These never-Trumpers are the same guys that sucked up to the Dems in the Gang of Eight fiasco. Trump voters are so tired of these wishy-washy delicate morning glories that have no fight and compromise on every issue.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Moynihan should get off jet, on to a bike

In response to “BofA CEO: ‘We believe in’ climate change science” (Dec. 10):

Brian Moynihan is concerned about global warming and believes “we have to get off fossil fuels.” Yet he ranks very high on Fortune’s list of the use of corporate jets by CEOs. He flies to his home in Boston practically every weekend. He may reimburse the bank for the use of the jet, but that is still a huge carbon footprint.

Perhaps Mr. Moynihan should move to Charlotte and bicycle to work. That could greatly reduce his impact on the environment.

Lisa Buch, Concord

Killing Dylann Roof solves nothing

In response to “Why Dylann Roof will get the death penalty” (Eric Frazier column, Dec. 12):

In contrasting Michael Slager’s case with Dylann Roof’s, Eric Frazier writes “Unlike Slager, (Roof) will not find that one white holdout juror who will insist on saving him.” One reason this is true is that any prospective juror – of any race or ethnicity – who believes the death penalty is never appropriate will not survive jury selection. For those of us who therefore will never serve as jurors in capital cases it is not a matter of “saving” individuals like Roof but a matter of recognizing that putting him to death does nothing to deal with the underlying issues Frazier later hints give rise to twisted individuals. In fact, killing him provides a dangerous illusion that we have done something about it when in fact we have just erased the evidence.

Vicki Taylor, Troutman

Streetcar is last thing I’ll take to airport

In response to “CATS wants $1.5M study to find answers about west corridor transit” (Dec. 12):

While trolleys have their nostalgic appeal, they are not the best choice of transit to the airport. They move very slowly, operate on surface streets, get held up by accidents, traffic jams and red lights, and are subject to problems with the intrusive and unattractive overhead wires. Granted light rail is more expensive, but in the long run, it’s a more substantial choice. A trolley to the airport when folks have a plane to catch? How do you spell stupid?

Barry M. Sherbal, Charlotte

Giraffes? Worry about near-extinction here

In response to “Giraffes, rarer than elephants, put on extinction watch list” (Dec. 9):

Red wolves once ranged from Maine to Texas to Florida. Why do we lament the decline in giraffes and elephants yet turn our backs on the fewer than 45 red wolves that remain in our N.C. back yard?

Ken Kneidel, Charlotte

Electors, use your own bad judgment

Dear North Carolina Electoral College Delegates,

Please don’t vote for Putin’s president. “Use your own poor judgment,” as my father used to say. “It’s probably better than anybody else’s when it comes to what’s right for you and your family.” And all of us are part of your family when you’re voting on Dec. 19!

Marilin Campbell, Cornelius