Letters to the Editor

N.C. GOP power grab ignores will of the voters

Steve Jones
Steve Jones

N.C. GOP fanatics must be stopped

In response to “Lawmakers look to limit Cooper’s power as governor” (Dec. 15):

It is now clear why the N.C. General Assembly was called into special session – to limit the power of Democrats in state government.

Republicans do not care how the voters voted, but only about seizing power by any means necessary.

These people are fanatics who must be stopped.

Steve Jones, Charlotte

GOP move was vindictive, smarmy

The Republican legislature’s effort to hamstring incoming Gov. Roy Cooper is vindictive, outrageous and smarmy.

It’s a naked power play being done simply because the expanded powers given to outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory no longer suit GOP leaders in Raleigh.

There is an old quote, recently revived by the U.S ambassador to the UN when she scolded Russia, Syria and Iran for enabling the slaughter in Aleppo: “Have you no shame? Is there nothing that would move you to stop this?”

There is shame in what the Republicans are up to in Raleigh. They just don’t feel it.

Maybe we should have a nonpartisan panel that teaches ethics and morality to incoming legislators. Maybe then they’ll be able to distinguish between what can be done and what’s the right thing to do.

Steve Delaney, Charlotte

It’ll be painful at first, but insure all

In response to “Repeal Obamacare? But people like it!” (Dec. 15 Opinion):

Dr. Jessica Schorr Saxe’s sobering report tiptoes around the obvious solution to our intolerable health care situation.

What to do? Insure everybody – that’s what every other civilized country does.

Some very fat cats are going to get gored doing it, but it’s coming and it will work when it does.

Ted Lucas, Charlotte

Finally, a reasonable school building plan

In response to “CMS board debates priorities, approves $798M bond plan” (Dec. 15):

Thanks to CMS Superintendent Ann Clark and County Manager Dena Diorio for putting long-needed reasonableness into the process of funding school construction.

Coordinating the growth of CMS and the county has been a long time coming. The next step is for the City and small towns to join the process.

Their cooperation is the only way of checking developers who don’t take into consideration overcrowded or nonexistent schools.

Bolyn McClung, Pineville

I want to apologize for Nazi reference

In response to “It’s all about the R’s vs. the D’s” (Dec. 15 Forum):

I want to apologize to Observer readers for my crude and offensive reference to Republicans and Nazi Germany.

I was wrong, and I sincerely apologize for having said it.

Chris Porier, Charlotte

Rail line to airport should’ve been first

In response to “Streetcar is last thing I’ll take to airport” (Dec. 13 Forum):

I would love to have either trolleys or light rail to ride many places in Mecklenburg County if it affords swift, smooth, clean transport without so much starting, stopping and noise, as with autos and buses.

The wisdom learned through the years by our transportation officials finally resulted in light rail and now its expansion. The airport should have been the first rail line to start with!

If we support it effectively it will reduce the ever-increasing traffic congestion, not to mention the parking nightmare at the airport.

Charles Garrison, Charlotte

Stop driving like this is a NASCAR track

Just because this is NASCAR country doesn’t mean all drivers are NASCAR drivers.

Each day on main streets someone is riding my bumper because I am the only one who seems to drive the posted speed.

Something needs to be done about the speeders. They run red lights, turn left on red, and cross in front of you to turn left.

Henri Rumph, Charlotte

Tiny Social Security increase an insult

Do you really think the federal government can afford to only give seniors a 0.3 percent Social Security increase?

This is not funny; it is an insult. All seniors should voice their complaint, not to the president, but to Congress.

The banks pay us more on our checking accounts, which is an insult

Kenneth Thompson, Concord