Letters to the Editor

Hey N.C. legislators, this is America, not Russia

Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones

Disgusted by legislature’s actions

In response to “Cooper, protesters push back on limits” (Dec. 16) and related articles:

The N.C. General Assembly is nullifying everyone’s vote for Roy Cooper.

Wake up citizens of North Carolina, contact your representative and let them know your vote matters.

This is America, not Russia, and I expect my rights as a citizen to be respected.

Doing your dirty work in the guise of helping the victims of Hurricane Matthew is disgusting.

General Assembly, do your job representing your constituents – not your party’s agenda.

Andrea Jones, Charlotte

N.C. GOP must learn to compromise

As a former public educator, I often vote for candidates who support public education. So I was disappointed in the election results, with the exception of the N.C. governor’s race. Still, I hoped there would be a coming together for the good of all.

Now it appears the Republicans feel they must do more than have a super-majority in the legislature to assure their dominance in state government and their disregard for the many N.C. voters who don’t agree with them.

What was fine when Pat McCrory was governor is no longer fine, from cabinet member selections to university system trustee appointments.

What blatant arrogance!

What are they afraid of? Oh, wait... Compromise, cooperation! Yes, that must be it!

Theresa Starnes, Charlotte

Actions like these launch civil wars

Is this a democracy or forced dictatorship?

What the vast majority of Republicans in state and federal government have been doing for the last eight years is exactly how and why civil wars have been started in many countries.

Franklin Reid, Stallings

Democracy is in danger; scary times

Racial gerrymandering, plus voter suppression rooted in racial discrimination, plus unlimited and unregulated dark money in elections, plus right-wing think tanks and media, plus mainstream media’s elevation of the horse race over substance, plus fake news and apparent Cold War-like foreign interference, plus unprecedented overreach in Raleigh and unprecedented obstruction in Washington, equals democracy in danger.

How low will we go?

I have faith in our institutions, but they’re in peril, as well.

Scary times, indeed.

Pat McCoy, Charlotte

On lies, Clinton beat Trump hands down

In response to “Shame on you, Trump voters” (Dec. 14 Forum):

Forum writer Sham Ostapko would do well to research who exactly Donald Trump’s opponent is.

Speaking of deficiencies, Mr. Trump has never come close to being the liar and deceiver his opponent is. Plus, she is responsible for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.

Our country would be in terrible peril if such a person were president-elect.

Burton Leppert, Charlotte

No faith in Trump on women’s issues

As a woman, I would like to know what President-elect Donald Trump intends to do about the following issues that affect women: abortion, birth control, domestic violence, day care and equal pay.

So far, his selection of cabinet members is a disgrace. If this marks the beginning of his agenda, I can’t imagine any good he will do for women when he is president.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Boiled down to who voters disliked least

The Democratic Party is blaming Hillary Clinton’s loss on a number of factors.

The real blame: the candidate. They should have picked a different candidate.

Pre-election polls showed the majority of voters disliked both candidates. Our choice was which candidate we disliked the least. Looks like Donald Trump won out.

Christ Koconis, Charlotte

Addressing poverty will ease race issues

In response to “Jury finds Roof guilty of murder” (Dec. 16):

How can anyone hate an innocent group of people with such vitriol just because of their color?

When I was much younger, I too was taught to feel the very same way. But with age comes wisdom and sanity.

I learned that blacks are intelligent, loving people and that treating them as savages with no humanity is horribly wrong.

Donald Trump has promised to go into our inner cities and give blacks a long overdue “leg up.” If done with conviction, our country, along with blacks, will benefit.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte