Letters to the Editor

No need for Sessions to resign

Jonathan Hoin
Jonathan Hoin

Much ado about nothing on Sessions

In response to “Sessions bows out of Russia inquiry” (March 3):

Jeff Sessions’ recusing himself is the right thing to do.

The investigation will run its course – and in my opinion reveal a bunch of innuendo based on supposition that passes for journalism.

Jonathan Hoin, Charlotte

Sessions lied under oath, should be fired

Do you mean to tell me these appointees do not have a probationary period of 90 days on the job, like the rest of us?

Let’s not waste the taxpayers’ money on an investigation. The man lied under oath; he should be fired!

Marcia Lampert, Charlotte

Thanks for whipping up Trump support

In response to “Jeff Sessions misled the Senate. He should resign.” (March 3 Our View):

Thanks for a great editorial asking for Jeff Sessions to resign. You continue to add thousands of new Trump supporters for the 2020 reelection campaign in the Tar Heel state. Keep up the good work.

Please don’t change your relentless attacks on our president.

In case you run out of things to say, I once read that Donald Trump went 4 miles an hour over the speed limit back in 1998.

Frank Betts, Cornelius

When will enough be enough for GOP?

Wow. The drip, drip, drip of information about the Trump campaign, his administration, and the Russians is astounding!

When will “enough be enough” for the Republicans to set up an independent investigation into Trump and his associates and Russian agents?

Let’s remember that we didn’t get to see Trump’s tax returns and so we have no idea what his financial interests are, and/or who he owes.

What disaster will have to happen to get Republicans to do their duty and get a true investigation?

Chris Porier, Charlotte

Stop fighting, start working together

The USA is already at war – not with Russia, China, North Korea or the Middle East. We’re at war with ourselves!

The results are already taking a toll. We had better figure this out before we have to learn another language.

We’re all accountable. Therefore we must all contribute to the solution.

We’re running out of time. Let’s get started.

Robert W. Shirley, Charlotte

Peaceful protest said it all, no flag needed

In response to “Hey students, why no American flag?” (March 3 Forum):

Forum writer Sylvia Garrett is missing the point. Sometimes actions speak louder than flags.

Young students expressing their love of America and heritage through peaceful protest is truly refreshing! What’s more American and powerful than the next generation exercising their right to freedom of speech?

No American flag needed here!

Sham Ostapko, Huntersville

Blame rising costs on insurers, not Obama

How is it that intelligent people blame President Obama for rising healthcare costs when it is the insurance companies that raise the rates while costing an estimated $500 billion for inefficient processing costs that are roughly six times the cost of Medicare?

In addition they serve as a middle man while introducing complicated and confusing codes that need to be carefully reviewed, while collecting enough profit for executive bonuses and shareholder dividends that do not exist in Medicare.

Ask yourself if you would prefer to spend $500 billion on actual healthcare rather than on insurance overhead.

Tom E. Bowers, Charlotte

Trashy streets leave a bad first impression

Remember when the Queen City was also a clean city? As a Charlotte native, I do.

Recently, I drove out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport and was astonished by the volume of paper, cans, plastic, and who knows what that I saw – and this is the first, and therefore most powerful, impression people have of Charlotte.

Given the recent negative economic impact of HB2 should we not present our city in its most appealing guise?

Could a pretty face not attract interest? Please let’s bring Cinderella Charlotte out of the trash bin and crown her the queen she is meant to be!

Millie Norris, Charlotte