Letters to the Editor

Now Tillis and Co. discover morality?

Now Tillis and Co. discover morality?

In response to “Tillis: Deny VA benefits for Marines who advocated rape” (March 15):

The deplorable online behavior of the Marines notwithstanding, I have to shake my head in disbelief at the irony of Republican Sens. Tillis, Graham and Ernst showboating a moral stand on this issue. These are the same senators who have rubber stamped the most disastrous cabinet positions in our government’s history by the so called POTUS (a misogynist) who has bragged about physically violating women.

If they want to make a real impression, they need to break from their party and actually resist the immoral compass for our nation.

Rick McClanahan, Charlotte

Save some trouble, let Obamacare die

The best thing Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans in Congress can do is forget about health care until Obamacare totally crashes and burns.

When Republicans enact ANY new legislation concerning health care, it immediately becomes their project. It appears that repealing and tweaking is impossible, so they should just drop it.

Being compassionate is commendable but in this case, political suicide. Do yourself a favor Mr. Trump, put health care on the shelf; you have a number of other issues to address. Let Obamacare finish dying, then implement your new plan.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

Let’s treat health care like education

In response to “The most vital health care question?” (March 14 Forum):

Hooray for Donna Hatfield! Her March 14 letter about how we as a nation should regard health care is absolutely correct. Until a decision is reached as to whether or not health care is a right or a privilege, we will continue to struggle with plan after plan after plan. Some benefit from this one, others from that one.

Once upon a time, elementary education was not considered necessary for all; we’ve pretty much moved past that. A solution to the health care problem cannot be accomplished until our country decides where health care fits into our lives.

Melva Hanna, Charlotte

Glad to read plans for new library

In response to “Vision to redevelop North Tryon centers on $93 million new library” (March 15):

(The writer is a retired librarian)

When I saw on TV news that the public library on North Tryon was to be demolished, and a smaller one rebuilt, I was incensed. After reading the Observer, I was heartened by library chief Lee Keesler’s quote about the need to create a more modern library.

I do hope more shelf space is created for books, for many of us do not like using devices such as Kindles when we read. We like the tactile stimulation of the actual book.

This once more highlights why I depend on newspapers and periodicals for my news. One gets more in-depth coverage, not sound bites.

Augie E. Beasley, Charlotte

Women, services threatened by cuts

In response to “Obamacare spawns new Lie of the Year” (March 15):

What will happen to those who depend on Planned Parenthood for contraception, abortion, family planning, and cancer screening if its funds are cut? Without it, unwanted pregnancies will add a burden to a single parent or a family. Without proper cancer screenings, how many will not know if they have a cancer that could be caught in its early stages and treated? How many women will no longer have the opportunity to obtain birth control, to prevent an unintended pregnancy?

Planned Parenthood was established 100 years ago. It is a vital non-profit dedicated to the services it offers to everyone. Hopefully, for future generations it will remain so.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

We didn’t ‘founder’ with word usage!

In response to “Charlotte without the Panthers, Hornets or NCAA events? Real estate panel weighs worst-case HB2 scenarios” (March 16):

In his article, Ely Portillo made the statement, “Efforts to repeal HB2 appear to be foundering in the state legislature.” In the past several decades of reading numerous articles from various writers in various publications, this may be the only time I have ever seen someone use the correct word. “Founder” derives from Middle French and Latin to mean “sink to the bottom.” “Flounder” is a fish. Thank you, Ely (and your editor), for knowing which was which.

Mark Smith, Charlotte