Letters to the Editor

What Charlotte grocers can do to reach the poor


Groceries should do more to reach poor

In response to “Charlotte’s grocery wars leave poor neighborhoods behind” (March 18)

It is unconscionable that such things as ‘food deserts’ are permitted to exist. If these developers and food chains are so eager for business that they need to build new stores within eyesight of each other in “thriving, predominately white neighborhoods” at the expense of the poorer folks, the least they should do is to consider small (free) ‘food shuttles’ that run from the desert to the oasis regularly. They could afford it. It would be cheaper than building a new store in the desert (which won’t happen), put a few more people to work, and perhaps begin to close the inequality gap.

Tom Schmutzler, Charlotte

CATS 3-car delay could ruin Blue Line

In response to “CATS’ plans for three-car trains stuck at the station” (March 19):

Halting construction of three-car platforms on the Blue Line is an extremely poor decision by CATS. They need to concentrate on making riding as pleasant as possible for new customers who will soon be riding the system, rather than concerning themselves with future transit corridors at this point.

Charlotte is not New York or Chicago, where people are forced to ride overcrowded trains. One or two bad experiences and new riders may quickly return to their cars. If this happens, we will never know the Blue Line’s full potential, wasting our large investment in its construction. It would be ridiculous to wait up to eight years to run three-car trains.

Robert Bischoff, Charlotte

Get rid of Congress’s entitlements

I have struggled with the legislature’s use of the word “entitlement.” Then I remembered they get pensions and top-notch health care for the rest of their lives. Now that is what I call an entitlement. Perhaps our legislators could be required to have to buy their own health care and live with whatever bill they pass as an example of how good it is for the public. That would eliminate one of those pesky “entitlements.”

Lynette Sisson, Matthews

Trump vacation budget needs cutting

In response to “Trump budget cuts are necessary” (March 21 Forum):

In response to Mr. Dockery’s suggestion that people are upset over losing government funding of their “favorite programs” and that private organizations will do a better job of providing services and managing funds, I furtively pondered the following: Is one of your “favorite programs” the Trump family’s weekend jaunts to Mar-a-Largo? Which private organization will be created to fund our president’s perpetual quest for the perfect tan and finest golf course? Trump’s budget proposes taking food from the mouths of the poor while keeping enough in the coffers for his excesses. Now that is “not good use of (MY) tax dollars.”

Susan Dulin, Charlotte

Bravo on “A Musical Showcase” event

I am in my kitchen this morning, still giving a standing ovation to anyone and everyone who helped make “A Musical Showcase” happen Monday night in the Belk Theater. Fourteen exceptional musical ensembles from CMS – elementary, middle, and high schools – were able to rehearse and perform in that magnificent venue. Tremendous thanks to the arts teachers, event sponsors and deepest gratitude for all that made this inaugural concert possible. High hopes that it becomes a yearly event in the Queen City!

(One Proud Mom of a Musician)

Rebecca Shore, Charlotte

HB2 meant to punish Charlotte

In response to “How much worse could it get? House Bill 2 has cost North Carolina a year of lost NCAA and ACC championships, an NBA All-Star Game, jobs and economic development. Now the state can brace for more.” (March 19):

“House Bill 2 has cost North Carolina...” Correction: House Bill 2 has cost CHARLOTTE. And that's exactly the point, isn't it? State retribution against Mayor Roberts, Charlotte City Council, and, last but not least, Charlotte itself. Mayor Roberts sure does know how to win friends and influence people.

Roy Brown, Charlotte

Limericks vacation

The Observer’s limericks contest is taking a week off. Send entries to tbatten@charlotteobserver by 9 a.m. March 29.