Letters to the Editor

Pat McCrory needs a job. Here’s my list for the former governor

Donald Billington
Donald Billington

Jobs Gov. McCrory could jump right into

There seems to be considerable consternation regarding our former governor’s inability to find gainful employment.

A few suggestions:

He might head up a clean-up crew along our interstates to clear trash thrown from cars traveling through North Carolina to see NCAA games and the NBA All-Star Game.

He might start a security company that would post guards at public restrooms to check birth certificates.

Hopefully, he won’t need Medicaid since that has been limited lately.

Donald Billington, Charlotte

Blame for HB2 falls on mayor’s shoulders

In response to “NCAA makes it clear: Repeal HB2 or else” (March 24):

If anyone wants to point fingers at who is at fault for North Carolina losing jobs and sporting events, point them at Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

She is solely to blame. She should have left in her mouth those words that caused this controversy.

But leave it to the left, can’t expect any less.

Mike Metz, Charlotte

Don’t ignore NCAA’s warning shots on HB2

If those intellectual and economic troglodytes in Raleigh can pass a bill such as the ill-conceived HB2 in a mere few days, why can they not repeal it in the same amount of time?

The NCAA and others have fired warning shots across the bow. Can we stand a broadside attack?

William Wortman Jr., Statesville

HB2 fallout is causing some to pack up

In response to “HB2 isn’t keeping people from N.C.” (March 24 Forum):

I know a wonderful gentleman who recently retired as a tenured professor and his wife subsequently sold her business in Eastover.

Their plans were to stay in Charlotte and continue to contribute to the vibrancy of this city and state. But alas, they have decided to move to a place that is more inclusive.

People moving in is only part of the story that spin-masters share.

Gerry Clapp, Charlotte

Approve Gorsuch with simple majority

Although some of the questions put to Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch were asinine and bordered on the ridiculous, he responded with sincerity and honesty.

His constant refrain of “I will uphold the law without prejudice” seemed to fall on deaf ears.

The Senate’s role in this decision should remain consultative and supportive. If not, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should continue the “rule change” established by previous Democratic leaders and approve Judge Gorsuch with a simple majority.

It’s the right thing to do for the American people.

Rebecca Little, Shelby

Reinstate draft to fill Trump’s Army ranks

Under President Trump, the Army plans to spend $300 million to recruit 6,000 soldiers to fill its ranks.

Suggestion: Reinstate the draft.

If I am to be as afraid of terrorists as advertised, shouldn’t we be prepared?

Equally important, maybe more so, reinstating the draft would help today’s generation understand “love of country,” not just that the country gives them all the things they love.

Patrick Morgan, Charlotte

U.S. shoots itself in foot on health care

I grew up in a country where a single-payer, government-run healthcare system has been in place about 50 years.

The evidence is demonstrably clear that a state-run system is far cheaper, covers more people, has fewer restrictions, and nobody goes bankrupt due to catastrophic costs.

Unfortunately those who are slaves to the anti-government ideology continue to elect politicians who refuse to even consider such a system.

America will never have a decent healthcare system for all as long as so many American voters genuflect their anti-government stance at the polling booth.

Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot and watching the rest of the world run by us.

Reed Shaddock, Charlotte

Cushy benefits for Congress? Not exactly

In response to “Get rid of Congress’s entitlements” (March 22 Forum):

Forum writer Lynette Sisson must be called out for saying members of Congress get “pensions and top-notch health care for the rest of their lives.”

Congressional “entitlements” are exactly the same as many federal employees. Unless they’ve worked for five years they are ineligible for pensions.

As of January 2014 all members of Congress had to purchase health coverage from exchanges created under Obamacare. Upon retirement they can purchase coverage from the government.

Dennis Smith, Mooresville