Letters to the Editor

Glad HB2 is over. I’m sick and tired of politicians telling us what to do

Steven P. Nesbit
Steven P. Nesbit

Didn’t need HB2 or that city ordinance

In response to “Cooper turns back on LGBT community” (March 31 Our View):

Unlike many North Carolinians, the Observer is not satisfied to see HB2 gone. You object because “Democrats held the upper hand” and you assail Gov. Roy Cooper for going along with the compromise repeal measure.

When will you get it? A large number of North Carolinians have had enough of political games. We are sick and tired of people telling us what to do, whether it is the shrill intelligentsia on the left or the unforgiving hypocrites on the right.

We didn’t need a bathroom ordinance and we didn’t need HB2 – and now both are gone. Pardon me for being pleased.

Steven P. Nesbit. Charlotte

Gov. Cooper must take baby steps

In response to “Deal angers activists, both liberal and conservative” (March 31):

Patience LBGT people. The governor is dealing with babies, so we have to take baby steps.

Michelle Fitzsimmons, Huntersville

Bathroom laws, gay unions; what a shame

Having grown up during the ’50s, if someone had told me that one day men would marry men or women would marry women, or we would have to pass a law to keep men out of the ladies’ restroom and locker room, I would have said “Our country will never get that sick.”

Fast forward, and here we are. A damn shame.

Cliff Passons, Charlotte

Trump needs the Freedom Caucus

Donald Trump is on the wrong side of the argument in his spat with the Freedom Caucus.

The anti-establishment, conservative principles that created the Freedom Caucus are the same movement that got him elected. His frustration should be with the fact that the American Health Care Act was a terrible bill, not with the Freedom Caucus.

Tripp Cherry, Matthews

Can’t trust Nunes; get a special prosecutor

In response to “Nunes won’t leave Russia probe” (March 29) and related articles:

While righteous Republicans on the Hill flail their arms and complain of leaks in the ongoing Russia/Trump campaign investigation, they need look no further than their own Rep. Devin Nunes.

As head of the House Intelligence committee, he has completely destroyed the integrity of the investigation by revealing highly sensitive information to President Trump without bringing it first to the bipartisan committee.

In addition, he attempted to hide the fact he was on the White House property the day before he leaked the information.

He has invalidated the committee. The truth can only be discovered with an independent committee and potentially, a special prosecutor.

Lee Fluke, Charlotte

Republican health care plan is a journey

In response to Kevin Siers’ Health care busts cartoon (March 27):

Sorry, Kevin, my socialist friend, Obamacare is the Titanic. It is sinking.

It was to rise again, like the Phoenix, as a government-run, single-payer, one-size-fits-all bureaucratic boondoggle.

Republican health care is a journey to an ever-moving destination to be continually tweaked into better systems to support a diverse public. It is alive. Obamacare is dead.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

About time someone was held responsible

A special commentator for a major news network recently made comments not based in fact and he was disciplined harshly.

Today’s information is becoming more unreliable because it’s wrapped up in unproven facts or lies. Being first and having high ratings seems to matter more than fairness and accuracy.

Our institutions, government and businesses should be honest and truthful. We must be able to trust our leaders to honor agreements and respect each other.

Just because many people have the same opinion doesn’t mean it is a fact.

James Muldrow, Columbia

Let Dr. Plescia move department forward

In response to “Time to let Plescia, county health move forward” (March 31 Opinion):

The writer is a Winer Family Foundation trustee.

As someone who helps fund women’s health care programs, I am passionate about these issues.

I have worked with Dr. Marcus Plescia and found him to be committed, innovative and effective about serving our most vulnerable residents and improving the health of our community. Dr. Plescia and the Health Department have acknowledged their mistakes and are taking corrective action.

I have full confidence in his leadership .

Elizabeth Winer, Charlotte