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Former governor: HB2 deal good for North Carolina


Former Gov.: HB2 deal good for N.C.

In response to “Cooper turns back on LGBT community” (March 31 Our View):

The writer is former governor of North Carolina:

So our Observer editors prefer keeping HB2 for now rather than an “imperfect repeal”? That will be one lonely, isolated position.

Given the polarization of the General Assembly due to gerrymandering, it is a tribute to the leadership of Senators Berger and Blue, Speaker Moore, and Governor Cooper that they could gather solid majorities of Republicans and Democrats in both the N.C. House and Senate!

Good for North Carolina. Now let’s work together on growing more good jobs, and lift something positive onto our front page.

James G. Martin, Mooresville

Cooper punted on 1st down; bad move

Gov. Roy Cooper’s compromise with Republicans in the repeal of HB2 is a huge mistake.

If he thinks this step will make it easier to work on future issues with the Jones Street gang, he’s sadly mistaken.

Sure, he’s limited in what he can accomplish, but giving away so much on the repeal will not ingratiate him to the ideological whims of Republican leaders.

Punting on first down is a terrible strategy.

John H. Clark, Charlotte

Mayor’s actions costly for Charlotte

North Carolina gained more than it lost by passing and then repealing HB2.

No one should support discrimination of any kind. But a little common sense on the mayor’s part and it would not have been necessary for the state to get involved in order to to protect the rights of citizens.

Thanks to those state representatives who were willing to get involved and stand strong for the majority of N.C. citizens.

Rick Stikeleather, Charlotte

Observer editor will be missed

In response to “Departing Observer editor: Journalism’s power is being a voice to the voiceless” (April 2):

Observer Editor Rick Thames will be missed by all the readers and by the community for his unswerving, ever-vigilant attention to events that have affected the public. Often this vigilance was the only light shown on major events.

Those of us who have served in the news business know and recognize his worth. Best of luck for his future.

Marion A. Ellis, Durham

A fun glimpse of Charlotte’s history

In response to “‘Unknown Boy’ and Charlotte’s other celebrity dead returning to life for a day” (March 31):

Thank you, Charlotte Historical Association docents and the sponsors of “Voices From the Past,” for presenting an excellent, educational event in Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery and Settlers’ Cemetery on Saturday.

Hopefully, this will become an annual event. It was encouraging to see families with children as well as older adults engaging the re-enactors who represented some of Charlotte’s famous and infamous citizens! Well done!

Brenda K. Overcash, Charlotte

Here’s how polite Mark Maye really is

In response to “This isn’t the Maye family’s first time in the spotlight” (April 1):

It is refreshing to read the positive and upbeat profiles of the Maye family. Like many others, my family has been touched by the whole family’s warmth. I like to tell folks that Mark Maye is so polite that he once apologized for stealing the ball from me in a church basketball league!

Ronald Olsson, Charlotte

Another from 704 who helped UNC

In response to “The boys from 704” (April 1):

In your very nice story on the boys of 704 (Meeks and Maye), you made a huge omission. Chase Bengel, alum of Myers Park High School, is the Tar Heels’ head manager and has been instrumental in helping players improve their shots, spending many nights in the Smith Center with the players while they practiced.

ESPN’s Jay Bilas even did a feature on Chase, calling him the “Michael Jordan of managers.”

This wonderful young man gave many thousands of hours for four years helping players do their best for UNC. Three in 704!

Kathy Taylor, Charlotte

Let’s say it all together now...

The new Pledge of Allegiance: One nation of warring communities, turning from God, with complaining and crying for all...

Steve Kardisco, Hickory