Letters to the Editor

U.S. Supreme Court needs a strict constructionist

Jonathan Hoin
Jonathan Hoin

Gorsuch is exactly what court needs

In response to Issac Bailey “Filibuster Gorsuch to make a crucial point” (April 6 Opinion):

Nothing in the Constitution says judges at any level need 60 votes for approval.

Ironically, Neil Gorsuch’s appointment to the federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals was unanimous, which shows that pure hypocrisy is at work in the Senate.

What this country needs right now is a strict constructionist court that will bat down all the relativistic rulings from judges like those in the aptly nicknamed “Ninth Circus,” whose wildly imaginative rulings on the president’s VISA restrictions are but one example.

Jonathan Hoin, Charlotte

GOP hypocrisy on Gorsuch astounding

On Sunday, Senate leader Mitch McConnell suggested the Senate did not vote on a Supreme Court justice during an election year because years of precedence says you don’t do that.

He followed that by saying that if Democrats try to filibuster Judge Gorsuch they’ll end years of precedence by changing the rules.

The hypocrisy within the GOP is astounding. I won’t vote for them. I like people who think progressively, not backwards.

David E. Hawk, Rock Hill

Haley is doing an admirable job at UN

In response to “Trump says Syria attack ‘cannot be tolerated’ ” (April 6):

I was apprehensive when President Donald Trump appointed Nikki Haley U.S. ambassador to the United Nations since she had very little government experience outside of her role as S.C. governor.

I am extremely pleased, however, with her actions in condemning the Syrian government after murderous attacks on its own citizens and condemning Russia for its interference in our election – something Trump has said little about.

Lee Monks, Monroe

Snub Merkel, but welcome el-Sisi?

I was disgusted to see President Trump shaking hands with Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt who is a brutal dictator that overthrew the democratically elected government there and who routinely rounds up dissidents, journalists and others whose voices he wants to silence.

Trump appeared to snub German Chancellor Angela Merkel by not shaking her hand during an Oval Office visit, yet she is the leader of one of the world’s greatest democracies.

What kind of message does that send the world about the values of this administration?

Jim Henderlite, Charlotte

Homicide rate rising; make changes at top

In response to “Woman charged in double homicide, kidnapping” (April 6):

Has Charlotte become the new Chicago of the South? The murder rate is out of control for this city.

Maybe the city should crack down on gang activity and hire a new police chief. The current chief seems overwhelmed with the problem.

Maybe we need a mayor who pays more attention to crime than to HB2. This crime rate affects everyone.

Glenn Shelton, Charlotte

I’m thankful for Cintra’s work on I-77

In response to “Is I-77 toll lane review really independent?” (April 4):

I live in Lincoln County and rarely travel I-77, but I do travel on business throughout North Carolina.

My observation is “thank God” we have a private investor building this road expansion!

If it were left up to NCDOT there would be approximately three men and one tractor on the entire 26 miles. Example: the I-40/I-77 interchange in Statesville. It has been five years and it’s still unfinished.

By early 2019, I-77 commuters will be more than happy to pay “lunch money” to be over the construction and enjoy driving on new pavement. I, myself, can’t wait!

Chip Lambert, Denver, N.C.

Pipeline protesters need to shift focus

In response to “Dakota Access fight provides blueprint for pipeline protests” (April 3):

If people protest major pipelines, so be it. But where do they think they will get fuel for their cars, homes, businesses, etc.?

Protest to ensure pipelines are done safely – not to deny them.

And where do they think the power comes from to recharge electric cars? Bingo – fossil fuels like coal and petroleum are used to power electric generating stations.

Paul Zemenz, Sherrills Ford