Letters to the Editor

Trump should have consulted Congress before bombing airbase

William Gay
William Gay

U.S. will pay for hasty Trump move

In response to “U.S. strikes Syrian military targets” (April 7):

Unilateral military action by the United States in Syria, although focused and limited, raises serious legal and ethical questions.

A response was needed, but nonviolent alternatives, that potentially are more effective and less perilous, seem not to have been seriously considered.

The Assad regime should face swift, strong, persistent and unified international condemnation and censure, but the Trump team also should be held accountable for its ill-advised response that undercuts having the U.S. appear as a “great” and moral world leader.

William Gay, Charlotte

Garland came too late to make the cut

In response to “Filibuster Gorsuch to make a crucial point” (April 6 Opinion):

Issac Bailey conveniently omitted that Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, both Obama nominees, sit on the Supreme Court. Neither was filibustered by Republicans.

Democrats constantly whine about Republicans not allowing a third Obama liberal to reach the court at the end of his second term. They cannot understand that Merrick Garland did not come along soon enough for a third Obama nominee to make the cut.

Ray Cooper, Charlotte

GOP’s nuclear ploy was grossly unfair

In response to “Republicans rewrite the rule book for Gorsuch” (April 7):

If the honorable Judge Neil Gorsuch had even a modicum of honor, he would not accept this appointment because of the immoral way in which it has been enacted.

It’s another sad and iniquitous event instituted by the GOP and Trump regime.

George Snodgrass, Charlotte

All in Congress must lay down their swords

It seems the only thing Congress can do these days is fight, which has been typical for years.

They need to lay down their swords and start working for the people – which is what they were elected to do.

Bobby Costner, Lincolnton

ACA works in states that support it

In response to “Did you hear? Obamacare is popular” (April 7 Our View):

It is interesting that a majority of Americans support the Affordable Care Act given that it really only helps a minority of them.

That seems to indicate the majority of Americans have a higher social conscience than those Republicans who favor giving a tax break to people who already have far more resources than they’ll ever know what to do with.

It should also be noted that the ACA is functioning well in states that support it and “failing” in Republican-controlled states that make efforts to cause its failure.

Bob Kirby, Charlotte

HB2 mess should never have happened

In response to “Didn’t need HB2 or that city ordinance” (April 3 Forum):

The only thing on the Editorial pages that made sense over these many months about HB2 was written by Forum writer Steven P. Nesbit.

The government – city and state – caused the HB2 problem and should have stayed out of the whole issue.

Thanks Steve. You’ve got more common sense than all the liberals and conservatives (including me), and certainly more common sense than anyone in city or state government.

Ivan Beach, Charlotte

Kudos to Cooper for pushing hard on HB2

Gov. Roy Cooper should be commended for his role in helping eliminate HB2.

Never giving up, he initiated endless meetings and discussions with N.C. Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and Speaker Tim Moore.

The new law has the potential to strengthen our economy. Though I would have liked a stronger bill to protect all citizens, this compromise will hopefully lead legislators and Gov. Cooper to continue working across the aisle to improve opportunities for North Carolinians.

Walter Turner, Wadesboro