Letters to the Editor

Grandmother: What ever happened to respect?

Don’t give up the fight, Lara Americo

In response to “Charlotte transgender activist: HB2 bargain has made things worse” (April 12):

As a 69-year-old grandmother I’ve seen many things change. It seems we have regressed rather than progressed.

What happened to decency and respect for all humans?

It’s sad that being “different” seems to give other people the right to judge, harass and harm those who are unlike them.

Sorry for your pain Lara Americo, but proud of you for your efforts to make a difference.

Libby Shaffner, Mooresville

Rejecting science impedes tolerance

In response to “Tolerance is a two-way street” (April 12 Our View):

Tolerance is a two-way street when both parties are equally willing to look at an issue through the findings of science.

By and large, evangelical Christians refuse to do so and there is no excuse for it in our information age.

Tom Rafferty, Charlotte

Was that a glimmer of objectivity I saw?

As I picked myself up off the floor, having just read this amazing editorial calling for tolerance of opposing views, I had an unfamiliar thought: Maybe there is hope for some level of objectivity on your editorial board.

I congratulate you. Keep it up please!

Thomas F. Cochran Sr., Charlotte

Pittenger meetings don’t fool voters

I hope Rep. Robert Pittenger doesn’t think he is fooling voters by holding his selective telephone and “one-on-one, drop in” meetings like the one Wednesday in Monroe.

We want clarity on the issues and a wider base heard from. What happened to old-fashioned town hall meetings?

The meetings could not be controlled to the satisfaction of the candidate. Consider Rep. Joe Wilson’s experience this week where he was shouted down by constituents in Graniteville, S.C.

Hearing from a small group of selected voters will not convey the needs and opinions of the constituency.

Hunter Garbee, Charlotte

Give exams before holiday, not after

In response to “Changing schedule won’t help students” (April 11 Forum):

The writer is a retired high school principal.

I vehemently disagree that taking final exams after Christmas would have no impact on EOC test scores.

Forum writer Jean Dowd’s suggestion that material learned before January should be retained without any loss is to ignore what we know about adolescent psychology and the maturation process.

Students do forget, just like adults forget.

Also, to suggest that our hardworking, underpaid educators should be dismissed for teaching students to pass an EOC test is sheer nonsense.

Dan DeHart, Morganton

U.S. shouldn’t jump into every conflict

It’s ironic that last week marked the 100th anniversary of U.S. entry into WWI, just as President Donald Trump launched bombing raids on Syria.

President Woodrow Wilson’s campaign slogan “He kept us out of war” is no different from Trump’s promise to “Make America great again” by keeping us out of foreign conflicts that are none of our business. Both turned out to be lies.

Won’t we ever learn?

Involvement in conflicts that are none of our business never results in good, no matter how well-intentioned.

Let’s mind our own business and let the rest of the world do the fighting.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Airlines shouldn’t be allowed to overbook

In response to “United CEO apologizes for passenger booting” (April 12) and related articles:

I have been very disturbed by the videos and news stories about United Airlines’ methods of resolving a self-created dilemma of overbooked flights.

As frequent travelers, we always look for the best fare available, not realizing that this might put us at the end of an imperceivable line.

Additionally, why are the airlines even allowed to overbook flights? Some empty seats are the cost of doing business and all businesses must consider this kind of loss.

Barbara Marks, Charlotte