Letters to the Editor

Vice president’s men-only boundary hurts women

Julie Halatek
Julie Halatek

Pence’s boundaries hold women back

In response to “Tolerance is a two-way street” (April 12 Our View):

Regardless of the sincerity or length of time a belief is held, in this country we have an established separation of church and state.

There is a big difference between not understanding or not agreeing with something like gay marriage and actively fighting to deny other citizens the rights they deserve.

If Vice President Mike Pence had only tried to avoid the appearance of impropriety, the example would work.

But trying to avoid even meals with women alone inherently subordinates women when it comes to the business and political world he operates in.

Liberals should be tolerant. But not of these examples.

Julie Halatek, Wake Forest, N.C.

Trump thin-skinned? Media did that

In response to “Our sensitive president tries to trample the Constitution” (April 10 Our View):

It is true that President Donald Trump is sensitive to criticism. The inaccurate and biased coverage by the media of his views and actions has contributed to this sensitivity.

He is also subjected to ridicule by his opponents in the political realm.

The current critical onslaught reflects the disrespect of America, the flag, and any conflicting view or policy that some Americans feel they are entitled to in the name of “free speech.”

If Americans cannot support the man, they should feel some respect for the position of leader of a country that provides succor to their existence.

Rebecca Little, Shelby

Trump creates anxiety, distrust

The confusion and volume of President Trump’s commentary on everything creates anxiety and distrust among all of us.

Do we think the Syrian strike was a good idea? Maybe. But the follow-up is that we are not going into Syria.

Trump ruthlessly attacked President Obama for signaling his military intentions.

Is there any important national strategy or direction that is not up for grabs depending on President Trump’s current mood or thought?

Sam Roberson, Fort Mill

Abe was no tyrant, he was the best

In response to “Cabarrus lawmaker: Abraham Lincoln was ‘tyrant’ like Hitler” (April 13):

Abe Lincoln is the greatest president the United States has ever had.

He had a vision far beyond his contemporaries of one country without slavery, without discrimination, tolerant and understanding of those with whom he disagreed.

These are the very strengths that endure today making our country a world leader in economics, human rights, and political stability and strength.

N.C. Rep. Larry Pittman’s desire to condemn Lincoln as a tyrant is wrong.

Chuck Porter, Charlotte

Don’t raise minimum wage to $15 per hour

In response to “Someone has to step up on living wages” (April 11 Forum):

In 1938 the first mandated federal minimum wage was .25 per hour. Adjusted for inflation, this would now be $4.19 per hour. However, the present federal minimum wage is $7.25.

More than doubling this to $15 all at once would be unreasonably excessive. More runaway inflation is not needed.

Bill Brannon, Charlotte

Loh’s crack about UNC out of line

In response to “ ‘Death penalty’ comment a surprise to UNC officials” (April 12):

U.S. News ranks UNC Chapel Hill the 5th best public university in the country. The University of Maryland is No. 20. Niche ranks UNC No. 7; Maryland No. 25.

Kiplinger rates Chapel Hill the No. 1 public college value in the nation. Maryland is No. 8.

Perhaps University of Maryland President Wallace Loh should concentrate on doing his own job better, instead of trying to do the NCAA’s.

Charles Held, Mount Holly

Is it time to put Dennis Rodman in?

In response to “Xi, Trump discuss rising tensions with N. Korea” (April 13):

The time may be right to send Ambassador Dennis Rodman to North Korea with a planeload of basketballs.

Gary Ellison, Davidson