Letters to the Editor

Trump bombs send the Mother of All Messages

Barry Marshall
Barry Marshall

Trump shows bad guys U.S. has limits

In response to “U.S. drops ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on ISIS caves” (April 14) and related articles:

Michelle Obama once said: “When they go low we go high.”

Very true, with this caveat: Bad guys on the low road often mistake forbearance on the high road for weakness.

Bad guys like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin have convinced themselves that America, with all of its might and righteousness, will never use its power.

With the bombing of Syrian airfields in response to the use of sarin gas and the bombing of Afghanistan’s hidden ISIS tunnels, President Trump has proven that even those on the high road have their limits.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

Trump’s finger on button worries me

Since President Trump seems to be alienating many countries in the world against us – friends and enemies – I wonder if I should dust off my 8-tracks of songs like “Eve of Destruction,” “We Gotta Get Out of Here” and “Fortunate Son” and start listening to them again?

It was scary when Richard Nixon had his finger on the nuclear button, but that was a cakewalk compared to Trump with his finger on the nuclear button.

Also, I never heard anyone say Nixon was overly cozy with Russia or China.

Augie E. Beasley, Charlotte

Lincoln: proof history is written by victors

In response to “Cabarrus lawmaker: Abraham Lincoln was ‘tyrant’ like Hitler” (April 13) and related Forum letters:

Comparing Abraham Lincoln to Hitler is of course extreme and ridiculous. That said, the veneration of Abraham Lincoln is a very good example of history being written by the victors – or a sympathetic press.

Eric Cable, Charlotte

Don’t let convicted politicians run again

In response to “Radio gig could lead to Cannon’s political rebirth” (April 13):

Patrick Cannon’s tragedy is the abuse of his mayoral position when he accepted bribes.

I would ask Doug James, general manager of Radio One Charlotte, where is the “triumph” in the story?

A convicted lawyer loses his license, as does a convicted doctor.

Shouldn’t a politician lose the right to run for any office?

Ann Marie Lloyd, Charlotte

Ban all cell phones in I-77 work zone

In response to “You may be more likely to crash on I-77 north of Charlotte. Here’s why.” (April 14):

While I don’t doubt there is an increased accident rate in the I-77 work zone, the state may consider another reason for this increase – cell phone use.

As I maneuver the interstate mess, the number of drivers reading or chatting on their phones – which leads to swerving and/or a lack of speed control – is quite alarming.

While I do not generally support a ban on hand-held cell phones in cars, can’t their use be restricted or banned in designated construction zones?

Perhaps that will lessen the accident rate and be more effective than any reduction in the speed limit.

Susan Dippold, Huntersville

A way for airlines to avoid United’s woes

In response to “Man dragged off plane had broken nose, lost teeth” (April 14):

I have a solution to the airline overbooking problem that is so obvious it must have been considered and found lacking.

All that reservations systems need to do is only book “stand-by” tickets when a flight is fully booked.

Any “no show seats” could then be given to airline employees or stand-by ticket holders with no need to bump any passengers.

Is this too simple to be considered?

Jim Dean, Matthews

Why Trump team has Automotive Disease

It is an everyday occurrence now. It’s always Trump meant this or Sean Spicer was really saying that or Betsy DeVos didn’t mean it that way, or Jeff Sessions was speculating about such and such.

Everyone walks back their comments, even designated spokespeople like Kellyanne Conway.


Because every man, woman and child in the Trump administration suffers from Automotive Disease – that is, they never put their minds in gear before they put their mouths in motion.

David Hyman, Charlotte