Letters to the Editor

Glad our vice president is standing by his convictions

Pence standing by his convictions

In response to “Pence’s boundaries hold women back” (April 14 Forum):

How can anyone come to the erroneous conclusion that Vice President Mike Pence’s personal decision to not have meals with women alone subordinates women in business or politics?

In reality, given the situational ethics environment many espouse in our society, it is quite commendable for someone in the second highest political office of the land to have the courage and commitment to live by his personal convictions.

Personally, it is refreshing to know the vice president stands for something other than the possible appearance of an impropriety.

Rick Mendoza, Concord

Better ways to help the unemployed

In response to “Low taxes give people more reason to work” (April 16):

Taking away welfare, whatever that means, from the unemployed does not drive them to the workplace. Lower taxes on businesses don’t often lead to expansion and hiring. These trickle down cliches of the conservative right have never worked and never will.

As traditional manufacturing goes overseas and businesses move toward automation, the working poor need better education and more job training. We’re talking about human capital aren’t we? Maybe raising the minimum wage would help. Maybe restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit? How about Medicaid expansion? How about linking tax breaks to businesses who actually hire the unemployed?

Bill Satterwhite, Rutherford College, N.C.

No surgeries for N.C. optometrists

HB 36, which would allow N.C. optometrists to perform surgery, is a non-starter. Optometrists are not medical doctors and should not be allowed any further incursions into their “limited field of medical practice.” This so-called “limited practice,” while in a nearby state and several years ago, resulted in an optometrist treating my mother for glaucoma.

Mom later learned that her glaucoma appeared to have deteriorated significantly. Immediate further testing by an ophthalmologist substantiated that finding. Despite true medical efforts, her vision continued to deteriorate rapidly. Her civil action was settled out of court.

If we need to expand medical practice in our rural areas, or anywhere, we need to do so by expanding the supply of properly trained medical doctors.

Howard Landers, Charlotte

N.C. Republicans not ‘moving on’

In response to “5 ways N.C. is embarrassing” (April 15 Our View):

Throughout the heated debate and political wrangling over Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance and HB2, the state legislature wanted to blame Charlotte, the media and the Human Rights Campaign.

Now that they have supposedly repealed HB2, they are indicating this will allow them to move on to more important issues. Do these five actions/statements outlined in this article look like they are moving on?

Chris Turner, Charlotte

Pittenger wrong on financial agency

In response to “‘Financial dictator’ hurting economy” (April 14 For the Record):

It was very troubling to read a one-sided argument against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) from Rep. Robert Pittenger. What was not mentioned is over 90 percent of the fines collected from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, American Express, et al, go to impacted consumers. The omission of this huge success reveals a reason why banks do not like this much-needed agency.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Why fly the flag of a U.S. enemy?

In response to “Southern battle flag once again dividing S.C. GOP” (April 15):

Sheri Few must not be aware or is ignoring the fact no flag of any enemy of the United States of America is allowed to fly at any National Cemetery. This includes but is not limited to the Japanese, German and Confederate flags. What American wishes to fly a flag viewed as an enemy of the United States on American soil?

James Cappuccilli, USMC, Myersville, MD

That’s a lot of golf, Mr. President

When is Trump turning pro? Seventeen golf outings in the first 85 days in office? And I remember the Republican outrage when Obama occasionally hit the links.

Ronald W Ludwikowski, Mount Holly