Letters to the Editor

Trump blaming Dems for GOP health care failures

Chip Potts
Chip Potts

A mistake for Trump to yank Obamacare

Donald Trump holds the health of millions of his supporters hostage in a desperate attempt to blame Democrats for the GOP failures on health policy.

The GOP needs to embrace its idea of the individual mandate/exchanges to prevent a death spiral in insurance markets.

The Affordable Care Act benefits families that need it most. The GOP plan forgets those folks and benefits the wealthiest.

Trump forgets that he won the Electoral College by about 78,000 votes in three states, while losing the popular vote.

Yanking health insurance from 11.5 million people will doom the GOP.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

Immigrant groups want laws ignored

In response to “Immigrant advocates issue list of demands to local officials” (April 20):

These immigrant advocacy groups are confused about how federal, state and local laws work.

They want our city and county governments to abandon laws that are there for public safety.

They also want their members exempt from laws the rest of us are subject to, and they want city and county officials to cut CMPD funding for their benefit.

While the phrase “shameless audacity” is clearly part of their lexicon, apparently the phrase “here illegally” isn’t.

Tom Spencer, Waxhaw

DUIs a ‘minor’ offense? Think again

In response to “Serial drunken driver who killed Charlotte visitor will spend years behind bars” (April 21):

It is unfortunate that the immigrants rights groups making demands of city and county officials included DUIs in their list of “minor” traffic offenses.

The pain suffered by families of those killed by drunk drivers, like Cecelia Buitrago de Gonzalez, the 79-year old grandmother visiting Charlotte from Bogota, Colombia, whose killer was sentenced last week, should not be treated so cheaply.

Nicholas Holt, Charlotte

Trump’s gold-plated lifestyle intolerable

President Donald Trump should be ashamed of the costs he is imposing on taxpayers to pay for his extravagant lifestyle.

It is estimated that each weekend golf trip to his Mar-a-Lago estate – seven in the first 10 weeks – costs us at least $1 million.

This money could be used for free school lunches, Meals on Wheels or to help veterans.

For a billionaire to ask American taxpayers to subsidize his gold-plated lifestyle is simply intolerable. Let him fund his own golf weekends.

Charles Edwards, Asheville

Death penalty case took 24 long years

In response to “In Arkansas, a rush to kill” (April 21 Our View):

Friday’s lead editorial claims that the State of Arkansas was in a “rush” to execute a brutal murderer. It was the first execution in Arkansas in a decade.

The murder occurred 24 years ago. This is a “rush”? Really?

Philip Van Hoy, Charlotte

List of accused men came up one short

In response to “O’Reilly loses job, but not Trump?” (April 20 Forum):

One question for Forum writer Ted Hayes concerning his list of men accused of sexual misconduct: Where would you include Bill Clinton on your list?

Keith Mason, Matthews

Grateful for school choice, Ms. Clifton

When my son Christopher attended brick and mortar school, he had a difficult time staying focused and struggled with routine.

His online public school teacher at N.C. Virtual Academy, Kimberly Clifton, has inspired him to become excited about learning.

She sparked a passion we haven’t seen before. He has a new-found love of geology and he even started his own rock collection!

I encourage everyone to support school choice in education.

Alicia Fingerle, Charlotte

A plea from a new teenage driver

Citizens who disregard driving laws are hard to deal with, especially for new drivers.

People are impatient in Charlotte and even experienced drivers like my parents are getting aggravated. Drivers need to slow down.

Teenagers like me become very anxious while driving and it doesn’t help that others are impatient.

Everyone needs to stop texting while driving. Pay attention to the speed limit and others on the road so that all citizens are safe. We teens need to return home safely.

Shelley Saffan, Charlotte