Letters to the Editor

Don’t leave North Carolina; there’s plenty of good here to fight for

No need to move, there’s good in N.C.

In response to “Why I’m leaving Charlotte and N.C.” (April 25 Forum):

Weston Metz makes a strong case for leaving NC – there are many bad things here. With little effort, more can be found. But this is focusing on the “hole” not the “donut.” Google “2016 NC accomplishments” and you will find progress in clean energy, affordable housing, food access, and more. Citizens are like Winnie-the-Pooh characters. Some are Eeyore – cynical, fleeing troubles, and some are Tigger – enthusiastically jumping into the fray. Our challenges will not be overcome by the Eeyores.


Dale W. Saville, Charlotte

I-77 toll road is suspicious

The I-77 toll road project was touted as being a public-private enterprise. However, looking at the I-77 Mobility Partners LLC filings with the N.C. Secretary of State, it is difficult to see the “public” part. In one LLC the company officials appear to be officers of Cintra. In the other LLC, the officials/members appear to be private investment LLCs with addresses in London, Texas, and New York.

It would be interesting to know who the real investors are in the named managers of these two LLCs. Perhaps everything is perfectly legitimate; but, because of a poorly negotiated long-term contract that N.C. residents are stuck with, one has to wonder if some of our legislators have/had direct or indirect holdings in these investment companies. Barring abject stupidity, I can see no other reason why elected officials would saddle us with such a costly, limiting contract.

Wayne Lowery,


Men, act to prevent sexual assault

In response to “Maybe O’Reilly is paying unfair price” (April 23):

What’s a guy supposed to do? A guy can start by educating himself about the roots of violence against women. The act of touching a woman without her consent is the most visible manifestation of a culture that condones the objectification of women. Non-consensual and violent behavior exists because men continue to judge women based on their physical appearance, joke about their sexuality, or blame women for somehow inviting unwanted attention. Non-consensual and violent behavior exists because “good men” fail to hold their peers accountable for their behavior.

At the 20th annual Men for Change event Tuesday, men gathered at the Charlotte Convention Center to renew their commitment to end violence against women, and to support Safe Alliance’s work to advocate for victims of domestic and sexual violence. That is what a guy can do.

Jared Yerg, Charlotte

Support science, but not with tax money

In response to “Marchers demand support for research funding, slam Trump” (April 23):

I’ve been an environmentalist for at least 52 years. When 10, I realized the animals that made it down the local creek died soon after they entered the terribly polluted river. I’ve lived on a small island and in a city of 10 million people. I have worked on environmental issues for the federal government. I’ve been a member of many environmental organizations.

I do not support the Science Marches nor the mindless hate for anyone who tries to reasonably discuss environmentalism in 2017.


The main message I see from the media coverage and my liberal friends is for the government to give more money to fund their favorite programs. It is not the government’s job nor responsibility. Every single one of those science protestors is absolutely free to donate as much as they want to every environmental cause they believe in. Leave the government and your tax money out of environmental issues. Keep political influence out of environmental studies and funding.

Alan Dockery, Newton

Teachers shouldn’t have to struggle

In response to “Here’s another paycheck challenge for teachers” (April 21):

My mom is a teacher. I am a junior in high school, I have two sisters and a brother in college. I wonder how my parents are going to add a fourth college tuition. When I think of my career choices, I don’t know if I want to be a teacher. I like helping people but I might not be able to afford having a family. I watch my mom plan for her students every week. I wish the Planning Commission would do a better job of planning to support teachers and their families.

Julian Coppola,