Letters to the Editor

I’m a hard-working guy fed up with Obamacare

Fuming over ACA, my child’s meds

I’m white, 64 years old and have been employed all of my life. I am now subject to Obamacare.

One of my children is bipolar and takes Focalin and Abilify to have a normal life. It’s now costing me over $1,000 out of pocket every three months to have her prescriptions filled because my deductible is through the roof.

To all of you sucking on the teat of government, and to Democrats in general, you’re nothing but thieves.

Buzz Scheuhing, Waxhaw

Sure, Congress, take care of your own

In response to “GOP’s Obamacare-repeal plan would give Congress and its staff special treatment” (April 26):

The same party that wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act has proposed that states be able to refuse to honor the prior conditions clause, unless of course it applies to congresspersons or their staffs.

This is the ultimate in hypocrisy. This is supposed to be a nation of laws that apply to all.

Vincent Keipper, Concord

Bill also applies to abortion protesters

In response to “Drivers who hit protesters in roads could be protected” (April 27):

Rep. Justin Burr wants to remove guilt from drivers who might hit people taking a rare ad hoc demonstration into the streets.

William C. Barnes
William C. Barnes

The same law will apply to people trying to get to work or a doctor’s appointment who run into abortion protesters who are out every day.

Legislators need to learn to look past their immediate goals to how their actions may impact their own causes.

There will be a time when you are out of power and want to be able to apply your own checks.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte

Craft brewing and GOP hypocrisy

For years Republicans have preached almost religiously about their opposition to big government regulations getting in the way of small businesses, pleading that it undercuts job creation.

As it pertains to the craft brewing industry, do we just sit back and watch them go against their own political philosophy in voting to keep the 25,000 barrel limit on local brewers simply because large distributors are paying these politicians enough money to sway their votes?

The answer is yes. We are getting exactly what we vote for.

Jonathan Ramsey, Charlotte

A border wall? Let’s go high-tech instead

In response to “Trump says wall will be built as he drops funding demand” (April 26):

Since it’s just a few days after the Bard’s birthday, it’s time to quote Shakespeare on the border wall: “...O sweet, O lovely Wall. ...O wicked Wall through whom I see no bliss!”

With all the high-tech available, can we not come up with something kinder to the environment than an ugly, high-maintenance wall?

Avis O. Gachet, Hickory

Trump tax plan will hurt many seniors

In response to “White House proposes slashing tax rates” (April 27):

The proposed new tax bill is bad for seniors! Only two deductions – charity and mortgage interest.

Many seniors have paid off their mortgages and their main expenses are medical, which will no longer be deductible.

These proposed tax changes are good for the rich, but not for the vast majority of seniors!

Barbara Schafer, Cherryville

One student’s view on CMS changes

The CMS boundary changes and magnet school adjustments are genius.

While some parents are complaining because “their child is being moved from an “A” school to a “D” school, I welcome it with open arms.

These changes allow children from lower-ranked schools to receive a better education.

Superintendent Ann Clark’s new boundary plans will give schools more diversity and students an equal chance to receive a higher level of education regardless of race, location, or household income.

Gabriel Epperson, Charlotte

Remembering a link to city’s history

Charlotte lost a key link to its history when John Myers Dwelle, age 102, passed away April 22.

Both for his own accomplishments and for those of his grandfather, the namesake of Myers Park, John Dwelle was distinguished.

His mother, Mary Myers Dwelle, saved the Mint building during the depths of the Great Depression.

John was probably the last living soul who saw Charlotte’s Camp Greene in operation in World War I when he visited it as a child with his father.

David Erdman, Charlotte