Letters to the Editor

Glad Roberts won’t get an edge in mayoral race

Not helping Roberts was a wise move

In response to “GOP lawmaker backtracks on voting plan after suggestions it could help Roberts” (April 28):

Finally some sensible “non-legislation” coming out of Raleigh: Rep. David Lewis withdrew House Bill 843, which would have given Mayor Jennifer Roberts an edge in the Charlotte mayoral primary.

Patrick A. Walters
Patrick A. Walters

Either of her opponents, Joel Ford or Vi Lyles, would be a better choice.

Lewis’s move is one positive step for the Republican-controlled legislature. Now prove you support small business and not big money – end the “brew”haha and raise the limit on beer production for small breweries.

Patrick A. Walters, Charlotte

Sen. Burr must lead or get out of the way

Sen. Mark Warner of the Senate Intelligence Committee said the committee’s investigation of Trump administration connections to Russia may be “the most important thing I do in public life.”

Committee chairman Sen. Richard Burr has an opportunity to do something important with his time in office too.

Instead, he continues to avoid responsibility. No subpoenas have been issued. No hearings are scheduled. There is clearly no sense of urgency and all signs point to Sen. Burr’s refusal to sign letters drafted by committee investigators requesting crucial documents.

Sen. Burr, where is your outrage? If you are incapable of leadership at this critical time in our nation’s history, please get out of the way.

Tim Songer, Charlotte

Run photos of victims, not killers

In response to “Inmate kills sergeant in N.C. prison, officials say” (April 28):

Why print a photograph of the accused killer and not the victim? That’s what killers want – publicity. I can’t understand why we too often give coverage to the killers and not the victims. I’m not the least bit interested in the criminal, but I do care about the victim.

Darlene Gravett, Boiling Springs

Trump’s tax plan will bring more debt

Republicans can no longer call themselves the conservative party. They are in a race with Democrats to see who can overspend at a faster rate.

A new tax plan that produces trillions less in tax revenue and increases military, infrastructure, health care and other expansive spending is in the long-term interest of our nation’s financial stability and security?

President Trump is very familiar with bankruptcy. Is that what he wants for our government?

John Noyes, Mooresville

End the wage gap that women face

Everyone deserves equal pay in their jobs. We live in an age where everyone should be viewed as equal, and women are just as capable as men.

The mere fact that I am a woman doesn’t mean I should be paid 79 cents to every man’s dollar.

I know women who are more dedicated than men with the same job. Red, yellow, black, white, male, or female should be paid the same for each job. No matter what.

Rachel Curtis, Charlotte

Corporate greed shuts out millennials

Older folks often refer to the “good ol’ days.” It was a time when hard-working individuals could graduate from public schools, land a manual labor job, work up the corporate ladder, and begin their lives.

In today’s America, this no longer happens.

Today’s generations have been have disadvantaged by poor trade laws, higher emphasis on profit margins, automation in the workplace, and lower corporate mobility.

So when writers describe millennials as unwilling to work, it is important to consider elements outside of their control.

The “good ol’ days” may be over, but millennials are not to blame, corporate greed is.

Elijah Spies, Charlotte

Save birds; turn off more uptown lights

In response to “Uptown Charlotte buildings cut 19% from their energy use, new data shows” (April 20):

The writer is president of the Mecklenburg Audubon Society.

Regretfully, many building owners still leave lights on all night, a special concern right now as spring bird migration gets into full swing.

Ken Kneidel 2017
Ken Kneidel

Through Lights Out Charlotte, Mecklenburg Audubon has shown that our nighttime skyline likely kills hundreds of birds each year.

Lights out during migration would get Charlotte to Envision’s 20 percent goal and save birds to boot!

Ken Kneidel, Charlotte