Letters to the Editor

Shuffling around students won’t fix broken school system

Rearranging kids doesn’t fix schools

In response to “CMS boundary plan: School poverty barely budges” (April 30):

After reading the Sunday article about school boundary changes, I was left with the thought that just moving the puzzle pieces around really doesn’t address the underlying problem. Kids from poverty-stricken environments are often under-stimulated at home from their earliest weeks in terms of learning and the pursuit of academic achievement. When those kids begin to populate the public school system they require many services and are in catch-up mode for as many years as they stay in school.

Frazier Mug

The erosion of the family structure in our society shows up in schools as much as anywhere. Certainly, every plan executed to balance or redistribute students achieves little and is a boon to the prolific private school industry in Mecklenburg County.

Brad Frazier, Iron Station

We shouldn’t destroy Marshall Park

In response to “In 5 years, you won’t recognize these 5 places” (April 30):

It was shocking to see the rendering of the Brooklyn Village Development as published in Sunday’s Observer. Have our county commissioners failed to see the intrinsic value that Marshall Park has provided our city? For decades, the park has been a place of public forum where people with common purpose gather near the seat of local government for mutual support and expression of their concerns. The beautiful view of Marshall Park with Charlotte’s skyline in the background has long been a symbol of a growing and progressive city.

Destroying the park and replacing it with a huge development of seemingly endless walls of apartments, condominiums, and office buildings is a giant step backwards for our city.

Lee M. Rea, Charlotte

Expand plastic bag ban in N.C.

In response to “Keep the plastic bag ban on N.C. coast” (April 28 Opinion):

An April 28th article suggested that some N.C. representatives and senators want to repeal a ban on plastic bags on the N.C. coast. Instead of repealing this ban, they should make that law applicable to the entire state. In other words, no plastic bags in North Carolina, period. All you have to do is look at our highways and waterways to realize that voluntary plastic bag recycling simply doesn’t work! Let’s go back to the more environmentally friendly paper bags. A repeal of the present law is a big step backwards and wrong!

Robert Bliss, Morganton

Trump’s budget choices out of whack

When I think of the poor and elderly who will be maltreated by the Trump budget priorities, I am reminded of the World War I war bond poster in which Uncle Sam asks: “Shall we be more tender with our dollars than with the lives of our sons?” A nation is only as great as the way it treats its most vulnerable citizens.


Dan Laurent, Charlotte

GOP, do something with the power

In response to “White House unveils tax plan that’s broad on goals, short on specifics” (April 26 charlotteobserver.com):

Republicans control all branches of government and are fighting among themselves on the repeal of Obamacare and tax cuts. Voters want change and GOP insiders just can’t pull the trigger on bold actions. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is weak and needs to be replaced with a fighter like Mark Meadows. It’s a shame we have so many weak, cowardly, and indecisive folks in our party. Donald Trump is a hero to his voters and needs Congress’s support to make America great again.


Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Trump’s ‘friends’ reveal a lot

In response to “How Trump riled an ally and made human rights...” (May 1 charlotteobserver.com):

Trump continues to appall thinking citizens daily. First, he has invited Rodrigo Duterte, a self confessed murderer, to the White House. Duterte is a criminal and should not even be granted a visa! So much for “extreme vetting”! Then he says it would be an honor to meet Kim Jong Un, a “leader” who starves his own people! A man is known by the company he wants to keep. We know you, Mr Trump.

Kathleen Reardon,