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I’m sickened by those celebrating Obamacare’s repeal

Why the health care bill passed the House this time

The House on Thursday passed a new version of a health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act after the first one failed to get enough Republican support in March. The bill still needs to pass the Senate before becoming law.
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The House on Thursday passed a new version of a health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act after the first one failed to get enough Republican support in March. The bill still needs to pass the Senate before becoming law.

Sickened by those celebrating repeal

In response to “House votes to repeal Affordable Care Act” (May 5):

Bernie Hargadon
Bernie Hargadon

This white man writes today to have it known he was sickened by newspaper accounts and photos of all the smiling white men in their white shirts and dark suits fawning over President Trump after their appalling action to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

They have done the nation – all of us – an unspeakable disservice, while at the same time shaming themselves and our beloved country, for all the world to witness.

Bernie Hargadon, Charlotte

One N.C. Republican voted no; I’m thankful

Kudos to Rep. Walter Jones! He was one of the 20 Republican representatives to vote against the American Health Care Act. He was the only Republican representative from North Carolina to do so.

Thank you for your well thought out decision!

Donna Foley, Charlotte

Obama and Trump both disappoint

I don’t know whom I dislike more – Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

After Wall Street pushed America to the verge of another Great Depression with its uncontrolled greed and all the country’s problems were swept under the proverbial $10 trillion debt rug – paid for by taxpayers – Mr. Obama prosecuted nobody.

On the other hand Mr. Trump is now declaring as unbelievably good all the policies that were terribly bad a mere year ago.

We might not agree whether global warming is real, but the lack of patriotism in Washington, D.C., is unquestionable!

Kenan Porobic, Charlotte

Thanks, Sen. Tarte, for trusting science

In response to “ ‘Endless supply of stupid’ threatens river” (May 4):

Constance Kolpitcke
Constance Kolpitcke

Thank you, Sen. Jeff Tarte, for telling the truth and believing in science.

There may be an “endless supply of stupid” in the N.C. Senate, but there is no endless supply of fresh water available to the increasing, water-consuming population in our state.

Concerned citizens should let members of the N.C. House know that if they vote for SB 434 they will not be re-elected.

Constance Kolpitcke, Cornelius

Buffer bill has me leaning left, not right

I am a lifelong registered Republican, but I often vote as a right-leaning centrist.

If Senate Bill 434 banning buffers becomes law, I will have to reverse my right slant to a leftish one and refrain from voting Republican in the next N.C. election.

Sen. Jeff Tarte’s description of his fellow legislators as an “endless supply of stupid” seems to be right on the mark, which suggests I should exempt him from my leftward shift.

But then HB2 is still a festering sore to me, so it seems my only option is to “drain the swamp.”

Walter R. Edwards, Charlotte

Keep monuments; learn from history

While I understand and appreciate both sides of this media-frenzied, politically correct movement to remove Confederate themed statues, history is fixed and unchangeable.

If we begin removing or rewriting our past, then where are our future lessons to be learned – by invention, alteration or even by alternative facts?

Today’s America is divided on several fronts to be sure, the worst in my 70 years, but to remove history serves no one.

Patrick Morgan, Charlotte

Future generations will be appalled

In response to “In 5 years, you won’t recognize these 5 places” (April 30):

Every time I read about how city/county government is so keen to do away with Marshall Park, it makes me sick!

Our largest downtown park has a tree-lined lake and its civic value is beyond appraisal. If a referendum were held on the unscrupulous idea of replacing it with condos it would never pass.

Who will benefit from the development – not the community, because we stand to lose cherished irreplaceable park land!

Future generations will look with dismay at such wanton debasement of a natural resource.

Paul Moffett, Davidson

Fix the environment, not my snacks

If Americans could harness the time, energy, technology and promotion used to create bigger and better snack foods (that we don’t need) and instead put that energy towards fresh air, clean water and national climate control (that we do need) we would all live in a safer, healthier and more peaceful environment.

Lyn Moore, Charlotte