Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.20.15

In response to “City’s gap in budget exceeds post-2008” (March 18):

Stop whining, start slashing spending

Stop your bellyaching, City Manager Ron Carlee!

You concede that growth has produced higher revenue, but you still have a budget deficit. Then, you have increased your spending!

Simple answer: Call your managers in and tell them to cut spending 3 percent. That’s exactly what any responsible manager in the private sector would do.

Or, could it be that the City is trying to blame those mean-spirited Republicans in Raleigh?

Don Reid


In response to “Whistling ‘Dixie’ raises race issue” (March 18):

It was just whistling; let’s leave the race card out of it

“Dixie” may offend some people, but what about all the rap songs about cops or women done in a less than flattering way?

I think we are getting a little too thin-skinned here.

Unless whistling “Dixie” was directed to a specific person in a threatening manner, this is ridiculous. Tell the person no whistling allowed in the office and be done with it.

Let’s leave the race card out of it. Not everything has to do with race.

Marilyn Eaton


In response to “Pittenger: Prepare for terrorist attacks” (March 12):

Rep. Pittenger inflates own role in war against terror

As chairman of the Congressional “Task Force” on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Rep. Robert Pittenger does not head a regular committee of the House, but rather an ad hoc entity with no legislative jurisdiction.

He is spending taxpayer money on a pamphlet designed to inflate the threat for his constituents. It is complete with graphic pictures of atomic mushroom clouds, such as used by the Bush administration in pedaling the Iraq War on the false premise of weapons of mass destruction.

The congressman makes the startling observation that Americans can no longer feel protected by the surrounding oceans, lest we develop a false sense of security – a fact that was brought home by WWII.

William E. Jackson Jr.


In response to “The dawn of Uber parenting” (March 18 Viewpoint):

Get those kids out of Uber cars and taxis, and onto bicycles

Columnist Brigid Schulte’s concerns about children’s carpools could be addressed with the mode of transportation my generation used: bicycles.

Few families had two cars, let alone used them to transport their children to kid’s events.

And we wonder why childhood obesity is an issue today.

Dale W. Saville


Legislature blind to medical needs of disabled, elderly

The N.C. General Assembly dumped a serious burden on the disabled and the elderly.

We did not request to be ill or disabled, but our legislature chooses to punish us by tax reform that does not allow us to deduct medical expenses.

I would suggest that we band together and vote them out!

This is not tax reform, but castration of those who need our government’s support the most.

Douglas Sherrow

Mint Hill

In response to “The president’s false choice” (March 19 Viewpoint):

Take Shelton’s support for Iran’s MEK with a grain of salt

Retired Gen. Hugh Shelton’s advocacy of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) as a moderate alternative in Iran is disingenuous.

Until 2012, the MEK was rightfully on the U.S. terrorist watch list and was only removed after lobbying by Gen. Shelton and other connected politicians.

The MEK has virtually no support within Iran from Iranian moderates or others.

Gen. Shelton’s connection with the MEK throws into question the credibility of his entire article.

Cliff Homesley


In response to “Hillary Clinton email issue being blown out of proportion” (March 19 Forum):

It’s not just the emails; Hillary has a history of bumbling

Hillary Clinton’s email issues are just another example of her leadership bumblings while serving as the official spokesman for our country.

From Little Rock to Washington, D.C., her legacy is most troubling.

Frank Harrington