Letters to the Editor

Charlotte Pride shouldn’t exclude based on politics

Isn’t Charlotte Pride about inclusion?

In response to “Charlotte Pride rejects Gays for Trump float” (June 10):

As a 57-year-old gay male, Democrat, Christian who has supported Charlotte Pride and volunteered in the past, I believe it is wrong to exclude anyone from the Charlotte Pride celebration just because they support Trump. It is not the Charlotte Democratic Pride Festival.

Reconsider your exclusion of the Gays for Trump group. I know plenty of gays who voted for Trump this time, including me. I don’t always like everything I see at the pride festival or the parade, but if they are LGBT it is their right to celebrate the weekend as they see fit. I know we have lots of candidates running for office in the parade, so what next? Ban any of them that might be Republican from taking part? Supporting the president is not a reason for exclusion from an LGBT event.

Martin Doss, Charlotte

Liberals go too far limiting free speech

In response to “Charlotte Pride rejects Gays for Trump float” (June 10):

After reading recent Observer articles about classes canceled, parade floats rejected and speakers uninvited to speak on public campuses, it has become disturbingly evident that lawful expression in opposition to positions of the left is no longer welcome in this country. That is even more distressing given that the left are the self-proclaimed champions of diversity and free speech. It is close to organized crime when liberals organize boycotts of sponsors who choose to advertise an event with which the left disagrees.

Trying to blame the president for this is ridiculously lame given that even though increasing in intensity, it has been the standard of the left for a long time. Sensible, even if passionate, debate is no longer possible. “Crossing the aisle” now means “give up your view and agree with mine.”

Lou Lagana, Mt. Gilead

County commission, stay out of religion

In response to “Mecklenburg approves proclamation for Ramadan: Muslim month of prayer, fasting” (June 6 charlotteobserver.com):

To Mecklenburg County commissioners:

What happened to the separation of church and state? It is hard to believe that you voted June to be Ramadan month. What were you thinking? We don’t have Christmas month or Passover month.

Our culture has taken away the Christmas Tree, making it a holiday tree. We don’t call it Christmas or Easter vacation because it might be associated with Christians. Many schools in our nation are forbidding the Our Father prayer at graduations.

But you give a whole month to Ramadan? Well, we need to start working on Passover Month, Advent Month, etc., or you can rescind your proclamation.

Ann Marie Lloyd,


N.C. legislators have ridiculous priorities

In response to “Hunting, fishing rights could be safeguarded in N.C. constitution” (June 12):

A group of state senators wants to put a constitutional amendment on the 2018 ballot that would provide protections for hunting and fishing. Even though these senators admit there is no current attack on hunting and fishing, they want to prevent future legal challenges.

These same senators don’t want to protect LGBT citizens, who are under attack, but do want to protect people that hunt and fish, who aren’t under attack. LGBT rights are about life and liberty. These senators are working to protect a hobby. Do they understand that they have lost all logic in their legislating?

Chris Turner, Charlotte

Trump’s ignorance is no excuse

Trump’s supporters continue to excuse his inappropriate (perhaps illegal or impeachable) behavior due to lack of experience. They argue that he is new to the job of president and does not know what is expected. I thought our society endorsed the credo that ignorance is no excuse under the law. And do our lawmakers and enforcers still believe that no man is above the law?

Jo Ann Lee, Charlotte

I’m having political deja vu

The president of the United States engaged in a cover-up, blamed the liberal media for biased coverage, cast doubt on anonymous sources, downplayed the incident as a minor event and attempted to suppress the associated FBI investigation. In the end, the truth came out and Richard Nixon resigned.

Did you think that I was referring to someone else?

Arnie Grieves, Charlotte